Mai Dang

Mai Dang

Hi there! My name is Mai (pronounce exactly like “my” in English). I am a 24 year-old Graphic Designer and Photographer who falls in love with Ho Chi Minh City (SaiGon). I was born and raised in a poor town in the Southwest of VietNam. I moved to Saigon after graduating from college. Then I found this “noisy” city so amazing. The city has its own quiet corners if you know how to find them. Now let’s have a glance at our itinerary. :”)

Off the touristy paths - Ho Chi Minh
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Experience the feeling of sitting on the back of motorbike. 

Enjoy street foods at Thu Thiem Park and Turtle Lake. 

Enjoy our traditional coffee at one of the oldest road-side coffee shop in HCMC

Tour Information

3 Hours
Price per Participant
25.00000 USD
Group size
1 - 2 people
Street food and drinks
Personal Expenses/Souvenirs Travel Insurance Entrance fee (if needed)

About the creator
Mai Dang

Mai Dang

Experience the feeling of sitting on the back of motorbike. 

Enjoy street foods at Thu Thiem Park and Turtle Lake. 

Enjoy our traditional coffee at one of the oldest road-side coffee shop in HCMC

Thu Thiem Park

The Park is located in District 2, seperated with District 1 by SaiGon river. People who like spending the most peaceful time of a day outdoor will love this place. This is where you can see most of the highest buildings in District 1. Moreover, the wind blowing from the river makes the atmosphere fresh and cool. Vehicles are banned in the Park and there are always security around this area. So, safe is guaranteed.

We will enjoy Vietnamese street foods, drinks such as: Goi Cuon (summer rolls), Banh trang tron, Vietnamese Pizza,... ;and walk around. Don't forget to take a lot of photos here due to its great view. We'll be here for around 1 hour and then heading to Turtle Lake in the central city.

Turtle Lake

Whereas Thu Thiem Park brings you an extramural and comfortable breath, Turtle Lake is truly urban life. Noisy, crowded but not luxury.

Turtle Lake (official name: International Square), located in the central city, is a common spot of most Vietnamese students. It was built in 1965 - 1967. Over the past 50 years, the lake has known as a historical and cultural place that witnessed the history of SaiGon.

In recent years, Turtle Lake became one of the most famous landmarks in the city with many coffeeshops and restaurants around. However, we can choose affordable street food nearby such as: Ho Lo Nuong (grilled Vietnamese sausages), stirred corn with onion leaves, girlled quail eggs, coconut,...

Vot Coffee

If you have a plan of travelling to Viet Nam, I am sure you have heard about Vietnamese coffee – Cà phê sữa đá, made by using medium to coarse ground dark roast coffee with a small metal Vietnamese drip filter, then added with milk and ice (Google will explain much better than me haha). 

However, back in time, you will discover another traditional method: hand net. 

“Many decades ago, the Vietnamese used a hand net to brew coffee. The net was filled with ground coffee and held above a coffee pot. A small amount of hot water was then poured through the net, a process that was repeated up to three times. The more water added, the darker the coffee flavor. To keep the beverage hot, the pot was placed on top of a stove.” (Explore Coffee Traditions Around the World, Starbuck News).

Vot Coffee is one of the oldest coffee shops in Saigon and has never changed its method. It is located in a small corner away from the city center. Imagine how cool you are when drinking ca phe sua da on the road side and watching local people driving on the roads. No crowded places of tourists. Just feel like your are a real Saigonese.


 5.0 stars, based on 1 reviews
  • Dau LacDau Lac

    Thanks again for this amazing tour. Me and my friend really enjoy spending the evening together with you! We specificially enjoyed having traditional Vietnamese foof whilst being shown beautiful areas in Saigon city, also off the touristy paths :) Highly recommended!

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