Huy Nguyễn

Huy Nguyễn

still as a lake - heavy as iron thousand pounds. make more friends in the world, learn the culture and learn English, something other languages.

Vung Tau you want to short trip.

See long beach, eat fresh seafood, special food only Vung Tau, environment clean top Viet Nam. 

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8 Hours
Price per Participant
5.00000 USD
Group size
1 - 5 people
Tour Guide around Vung Tau, driver by motor bike if 1 person.

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Huy Nguyễn

Huy Nguyễn

See long beach, eat fresh seafood, special food only Vung Tau, environment clean top Viet Nam. 

Vũng Tàu Lighthouse

  • On top of Small Mountain. First built in 1907 on the lower peak of Small Mount, it burned kerosene in its lamp. In 1911, it was rebuilt to 3 meters in diameter and 18 meters in height, and moved to the higher peak where it stands today.The Vung Tau Lighthouse projects light as far as 35 sea miles (64.75 km) and is equipped with telescopes to follow and direct ships at sea.

Next to the platform, 4 old French cannons (about 10m long and weighing several tons) were once used to defend the area from naval attacks.

The lighthouse affords a panoramic view of the whole of Vung Tau and is a really interesting site.

Statue of Jesus Christ with outstretched arms

On top of Small Mountain. The enormous 28m figure of Jesus gazing across the East Sea with outstretched arms is located at the southern end of Small mountain. Built in 1971, this Giant Jesus rests on a 10m high platform. The interior of the statue is hollow and contains a spiral staircase of 129 steps, ascending from the foot of the statue to its neck. The two shoulders of the figure are balconies, each able to accommodate up to six people, which offer a splendid view of the surrounding landscape. This is the largest sculpture in the Southern Vietnam. Recent construction of a pathway has made the 30-minute hike up the mountain more pleasant and the panoramic view from various vista points along the way is magnificent. Definitely a must do!

Bạch Dinh (Villa Blanche)

Built by the French (1898-1916) as a summer holiday house of French Governor General Paul Doumer. The building was named Villa Blanche after his favorite daughter. The name Villa Blanche or Bach Dinh coincides its appearance, for that season, the local people call it Bạch Dinh (White palace). Later, some Indochina-French Governors used this summer house occasionally so it’s also called “Villa du Gouverneur” (Dinh Toan Quyen). Both Ngo Dinh Diem and Nguyen Van Thieu used it as well for recreation and holiday. It made the name Dinh Ong Thuong (Palace of Lord appear). Villa Blanche is located on the slop of Big Mountain, along Tran Phu St., at 50m above sea level. The outside walls were decorated with beading and the Hellenic statues. This was also the location where the French colonialists placed Thanh Thai Kin under house arrest. He belonged to the last feudalistic dynasty in Vietnam and fought against the French before exiling him to Reunion Island off the coast of Africa (1909-1910). From its balcony there's a panoramic view of Front Beach and opposite the Villa at the foot of that mountain is Hai Nguu islet with a stone rock shaped like a water buffalo wallowing in water. Next to Hai Nguu at the seaside was the helicopter yard. Today Villa Blanche exhibits hundreds of antiques collected from Cau Islet-Con Dao and is the culture destination attracts hundreds of tourists every day.

Special Food Banh Khot.

you can not forget  Banh Khot. it is food make by ride and shrimp, they find tastier fish sauce( nước mắn).

you can go to 2 place Gốc Vú Sữa, 14 Nguyễn Trường Tộ and Bà Hai's small restaurant, 42 Trần Đồng Street.

Night Vung Tau

you like view romantic, we go the coffee top view Vung Tau night, it see curve coast and the lights city. 


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