Gonzalo Santos Manzanares

Gonzalo Santos Manzanares

I am Argentine , I confess I have traveled a lot , adventurous and no less cautious and careful, offer a different and great way to see San Vicente de la Barquera , Cantabria, Spain . A place in the world !!!

Trekking in San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria, España

Unique experience of trekking tour of the most impressive locations from San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria, Spain.

Tour Information

3 Hours
Price per Participant
465,161+ VND
Group size
5 - 5 people
■ Guide the starting point and all the way to return to San Vicente de la Barquera. ■ Assistance, emergency calls, first aid kit. ■ Transfer back where the crossing is noncircular.
■ Personal  food, drinks, tickets to place. ■ Personal equipment for trekking. ■ Personal travel insurance. ■ Extra costs if trekking affected by natural causes

About the creator
Gonzalo Santos Manzanares

Gonzalo Santos Manzanares

Unique experience of trekking tour of the most impressive locations from San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria, Spain.

Browse the cliffs of San Vicente de la Barquera

Distance: 9.22 km

Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: Low

Hermosa back from the village of San Vicente de la Barquera will take us to the beach Fuentes, walkthrough all the cliffs to the beach regatona , through the cave Culebre to finish in tip Liñera and return to San Vicente.

San Vicente de la Barquera Comillas along the beach

Distance: 12.57 km

Duration: 4 hours

Difficulty: Low

At high tide the itinerary varies and passes be more parallel road in some sections to the beaches; is very nice town of Comillas, worth getting lost in.

Full of excellent examples of modernist architecture of the nineteenth century, palaces, manor houses, cobbled corners, the beautiful square, the Parish Church of San Cristobal (XVII Century),

The cemetery chaired by the ruins of the Gothic church and there is also one of the most beautiful landscape details committees, the Angel of Llimona, placed on top with sword in hand and looking at sea. The door of the Pontifical University where it joins the brick, ceramics with metallic reflections and carved stones in the shield, where the papal tiara and keys next toanagram Jesuitical JHS (Jesus savior of men). From this dooraccess to the Pontifical University which was founded asseminary poor (later Pontifical University) run by the Jesuits, whose educational model triumphed from the SXVII.

The monument to Marquis de Comillas was built in the meadow Angel Perez, in a Original pedestal shaped shipbow with the column on which the statue of the Marquis rises.

The Coteruca highlighted by the spectacular landscape of the site on top of a hill overlooking the sea.

The House Ocejo built by the Marquis Comillas for his mother, is the only one built in stone, but unadorned well carved.

Sobrellano Palace, also called "Marques de Comillas" of premodern neoGothic style but with glimmers. Forming style set with the palace, is the Chapel-Pantheon of the Marquises of Comillas, characterized by marble mausoleums. Next to this palace are El Capricho, Gaudi, arabesque style, declaredhistoric-artistic monument in 1969. It was built as a summer residence.

San Vicente de la Barquera Road Lebaniego to Unquera

Distance: 16.37 km

Duration: 5 hours.

Difficulty: Moderate

From San Vicente de la Barquera to Unquera, we can divert Muñorodero, continuing the Lebaniego Road, as well as to pilgrimage in Santo Toribio or asgateway to French Way, through the Vadiniense route from Fuente Dé to Mansilla de la Mulas in León. Continuing by the Camino del Norte, from a landscape point of view we have to recognize that before arriving at La Acebosa, we can not resist looking at each instant back and contemplate the Villa de San Vicente immersed in its estuary. No less impressive majestic Picos de Europa. We look to where this majestic landscapes are spectacular journey look.


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