Haetam Fachry Attamimy

Haetam Fachry Attamimy

I'm a music journalist who couldn't leave his hometown. I want to share this love by introducing my island, my city, my area to people from around the globe. We have friendly vibes here in Lombok! I don't like the idea of tour guides rip people off just because they're foreigners.

Various Shades of West Lombok: From Kayaking to Monkey Forest

Travelling Lombok without using formal guides who works for travel agencies. Well organised, but it's like being with a friend!

Tour Information

3 Days
Price per Participant
150.00+ USD
Group size
1 - 4 people
Transportation, entrance fees.
Lunch & dinner, accommodation, alcohol.

About the creator
Haetam Fachry Attamimy

Haetam Fachry Attamimy

Travelling Lombok without using formal guides who works for travel agencies. Well organised, but it's like being with a friend!

Day 1 - Lost in South West

I can start with picking you up at the airport and drop you off at your hostel/hotel/homestay if you  have already booked it. If you haven’t, don’t worry. I will help you looking for one, depends on your taste and your needs. But you can tell me beforehand so I can look for best options.

South West coast is the first destination. There are lots of options in south west, especially for surfing and diving. You can also have a nice quiet time by going to one of the three Gilis (Gili Nanggu, Gili Asahan and GIli Gede) and still enjoying several activities there.

If you’re a surfer, we can drive up to fight the waves in Bangko Bangko, one of the famous beaches that has been featured on various surfer magazines like Surf Time Magazine.

You can choose to stay here for a few days to get the full experience and we’ll meet again when you’re ready to leave this area.

Next destination - Unique mixture of modern and traditional West Lombok

Even though Mataram as the capital city of West Nusa Tenggara has been developed with modern touch now, you still can see lots of traditional and natural attractions around the city. Narmada, Lingsar and Suranadi are quite interesting areas for temple visiting and finding little adventures. In Suranadi jungle, you can even ride around with a kayak.

And of course, there are lots of nature touch to look at. We also gonna say hello to some friendly monkeys at Pusuk forest. 

To experience the culinary side, we can enjoy the taste of unforgettable Bulayak Satay and/or Taliwang grilled chicken. As you expected, it’s spicy!

Last day – Senggigi

Senggigi is known as one of the most famous tourist attraction in Lombok. I’ll provide you with the full experience around the area by visiting the beautiful Malimbu Hill, hidden but amazing sunset spot, showing you the best bars around if you like to go for a drink, and shopping at the art market. If the price is too high, we can go to a traditional market for souvenirs hunting.


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