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History of Colombia Popayan, a colonial city with architecture and cultural heritage of great wealth. It is known as "The White City" because all its historical center is author of Color White Popayan,: In addition to being a beautiful city steeped in history, has always been recognized as Cultural Center, home to poets, artists and writers, birthplace of presidents quince and three candidates for the Presidency of the Republic. Admirable culture and courtesy, Friends of the visitors, friendly and chatty. A temperature of 18 ° C, spring weather all year round but best months are November, December and January. It also has excellent airport and air connection with Bogota Easter It is the main festival of the city that usually develops between the last week of March or early April in each year. Easter is an event where visitors can enjoy more than four and a half centuries of tradition, art and culture. That represented the passion and death of Jesus. The 68 steps that make up the majestic parade, scattered five bathroom Processions night, are composed of beautiful images of Quito and Spanish origin. This celebration was proclaimed by UNESCO Cultural Heritage in October 2009, becoming the only in the world. Gastronomic National Congress Since 2003 it has been done in Popayan Gastronomic National Congress as an academic space where foodies can meet to discuss the national and international culinary practices. Each edition of the event, held in September, has a guest country and a list of the most important academic, chefs and culinary masters of the art of our country and abroad. The importance of promoting the culinary art is allowed City 2007 Unesco declared to Popayan as the city of gastronomy. The Creative Cities Network of UNESCO which is divided into different fields: art, literature, cinema, music, crafts and folk, design, media arts and gastronomy, and with 34 cities that have been selected in 19 countries.
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This tour offers a quick (but tasty) insight into the city center's historical and cultural processes, its architectural landmarks and its local life. La Candelaria is the historical, political and cultural heart of Bogotá. It is also the keeper of thousands of memories and surprises awaiting to be discovered. While we walk through its ancient streets, we'll get to see some of the city's most iconic landmarks and monuments. We'll also enjoy the city center's architectural blend. You'll see how this area is full of museums and has lots of street art!! The tour starts at Plaza de Bolivar (Bolívar Square), which is one of the most emblematic places in Bogotá due to the fact that this is were the spaniards founded the city back in the XVI century. From there we'll pay a panoramic visit to Santa Clara Museum and Casa de Nariño (the presidential palace). Then we'll visit Banco de la Republica's cultural center, which features Botero Museum and Luis Ángel Arango Public Library. Afterwards, we will head to the Concordia Market though Chorro de Quevedo's pathway and then we'll get a hot beverage in one of Bogotá's most traditional cafes. Afterwards, we will start walking up north through Carrera Séptima cultural corridor, while I share with you some interesting facts about the city's history and the Colombian way of life. We will finish our tour at a very unique restaurant & cultural center, where we'll have the chance to get something to eat, meet some people, listen some music and have a nice chat!
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Colombia’s second largest city, Medellin, has been judged one of the best cities in Latin American to live in, according to a recent “Smart Cities” study conducted by the Spanish technology multinational Indra. The multinational company Indra rated 243 cities throughout 32 different countries based on public services, security, and sustainable development, and found Medellin to be one of two most choice Latin American cities.The city is situated in a beautiful valley, offering mountain views from every angle. Combine the natural setting with spring-like temperatures year round, Medellin offers a very comfortable climate both day and night. NIGHTLIFE  IN MEDELLIN. is a big draw among younger travelers, as paisas love to dance, drink, and party. The women are reputed to be the most beautiful in Colombia, if not all of South America, and that reputation alone continues to attract more and more male travelers. Medellin is home to Colombia’s most famous artist, Fernando Botero. In the city center, you can walk through Botero Plaza and get your picture taken among  a few dozen of his large metal sculptures.The plaza also features the Museo de Antioquia which features some of Botero’s paintings, as well as other Latin artists. One of the reasons Medellin is a popular place for expats to live in Colombia is the metro system. Medellin features Colombia’s only metro train. From the main train line that runs North/South through the city, are several cable cars (like ski gondolas) that run up the mountains to poorer neighborhoods. These cable cars are meant to give residents easier access to the city, however they also offer a cheap and fun way to get panoramic views of the entire city making it one of the top attractions in Medellin Colombia. If you prefer adrenaline-pumping activities, paragliding is available for as little as $45 per 25-minute flight.
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