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This is about 8 hours tour of Addis Ababa - Ethiopia's official capital and Africa's Political Capital. During the city tour visitors will visit the National Archaeological Museum of Ethiopia to mainly see the fossil remains of Lucy (3.18 mil years old) and discover some of the oldest stone tools human kind ever used. Then, we head to the Holy Trinity Cathedral which is famous for its beautiful window glass works and as being the site of the grave of His Majesty Emperor Haile Sillassie I - the last king of the Solomonic Dynasty.  Afterwards, with a stop at Shiro Meda local Market where you will be able to see how locals weave cotton cloths by hand and sell, we head to the highest point in the city - Mount Entoto (3,200 meters above sea level) to have a panoramic view of the cit, and to visit the oldest church in Addis Ababa which is famous its unique hand painted wall paintings which were depicted about 140 years ago. Descending the mountain, we will have lunch at one of the best traditional Ethiopian restaurant in town where you will taste varieties of Ethiopian meals and locally brewed honey wine called ''Tej". After lunch, we will be visiting Merkato (Italian term for market) which is the largest outdoor market not only in Ethiopia but in Africa. Here, we will be visiting the most interesting and cultural sites of the market - the Spice Market, the hand woven Basket Market, Chat (mild stimulant chewed) Market, second-hand items section and the recycling sections of the market. It is also a great opportunity to interact with people from different parts of the county as Ethiopia has about 87 linguistic(ethnic) groups. Finally, driving on the main streets of Addis Ababa to visit the various historical monuments and major landmarks such as the buildings of the Head Quarters of the African Union and the Head Quarters of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. End of tour
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