Shane Dao

Shane Dao

To be honest, I'm not a professional tour guide. Let see me as only a local people who is willing to show you everything beautiful of Dalat - the city of love.

Be a big dreamer in Dalat city
Are you seeking for a peaceful space, poetic landscape where your mind will be free from life burdens and worries? Then, you are invited to Dalat, the city of fog and mysteries.

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7 Hours
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35.00000 USD
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Shane Dao

Shane Dao
Are you seeking for a peaceful space, poetic landscape where your mind will be free from life burdens and worries? Then, you are invited to Dalat, the city of fog and mysteries.

Crazy House

The very first thing I would do is to show you around this poetic city to enjoy the freshness of the morning atmosphere. After that, we will head to Crazy House, our first destination. Designed by a beautiful lady named Dang Viet Nga, Crazy House is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Dalat. Nobody has ever come to Dalat without coming by this place, it would be a shame if you missed it.

With a weird precinct, it will bring you into a mass confusion. Being a maze, you won’t be able to remember where you just passed at all, the rooms here are similar to each other for the same decoration. Especially, every stair runs in zigzag all over the house. Needless to say, you will be entertained enough to recognize that Crazy House is the place that you can’t miss.

The old railway station

Follow up the Crazy House, we continue the trip by travelling Railway station. It’s different from Crazy House because it’s not simply an entertaining place but it’s also a well-known historical site. Built in 1938, Railway Station was designed in the Art Deco architectural style by French architects Moncet and Reveron. Today, of course it no longer works for war, instead it serves for tourist activities. So many couples from every region of Vietnam, they come here to take some commemorative photographs for their wedding. Time of war passed away but the echoes of history still hold on to this place, through some details such as each roof is a multicolored glass window, and under the central roof is a large clock, which has recently been restored. So, you will have an extra memorable memory at Dalat Railway station.

Datanla waterfall

Goodbye to Dalat Railway station, we will change the atmosphere to continue the trip by travelling to Datanla waterfall, about 4 kilometers away from the city. Mingle in the fresh air of waterfall, you will provisionally forget the noise and the stifling air of city. Take a walk from the gate, we will go through some little souvenir store, the small way lead us to the waterfall. While you’re on the way, close your eyes and pay a little attention, you will be easily hear the bird’s singing somewhere far away. When being on the bridge under the waterfall, turn your body opposite to the waterfall, you will have a super cool feeling. Trust me, It will be very hard to forget that feeling.

Tung Café

It's time for a rest. We will return to city and go to a famous café. When talking about Dalat coffee shop, Tung café is always on top of the list. As I know, Tung is the oldest Café of Dalat, built in the early 50s. It’s not well-known for the coffee's taste or the luxury interiors but it is the witness of Dalat’s history. No matter time goes by, or no one can remember exactly how long has the Café Tung been built, but for one thing, I am sure that Tung Café will bring you the nostalgia of the old time.

Langbiang mountain

After holding on to Café Tung for a moment, we will return to the trip by travelling to Langbiang mountain. Langbiang mountain is not only famous for its breath-taking view, but also the romantic story it holds, I will tell you the beautiful love of K’ Lang and H’ Biang when we reach there. With the height above sea level is 2167 meters, Langbiang is called the roof of Dalat. From the foot of mountain, you can drive a jeep to the top but I think it will be more exciting if we take a walk and breath the wonderful fragrance of pine wood blending in the fresh air.

Domaine de Marie church

To finish this lovely trip, our final destination is Domaine de Marie church. Leave out all behind us, we will go to a special place, it’s not only a beautiful landscape but also a quiet place for us to enjoy the peace, to recall what we have done and give thanks to God. Behind the church, there is the grave of miss Decoux who contributed greatly to building the church, people want to fulfill her will and do this in the memory of her. Like a paradise, you will smell the scent of flowers around you and hearing bird songs, it will be extremely relaxed. Nothing is greater than this!

Sunset in Dalat

Finally, our trip is done and the day is done as well, it is time to say goodbye. Let's keep every moment as a gift that we have got from each other. To be able to assist you on this trip is my pleasure, wish we have chance to meet again!


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