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A day at the best city to live in Vietnam

What's so special?

Let's start by watching sunrise when you are swimming in one of the world's most beautiful beaches. I will take you around the most liveable city in Vietnam and tell you why it deserves the title. We will take a short trip to Hoi An in the afternoon before enjoying the night of Da Nang

1Wake up at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world

My name is Thinh, a student of Da Nang University of Technology. I was born and has been living in Da Nang for over 20 years. My city's beach is one of the most beautiful beaches all over the world.

I'll pick you up at 7:00 at your hotel and start our trip.

It will be a perfect morning waking up to the sea breeze in this peaceful city. You can take a walk along the beach, watch the wonderful dawn and then take a swim.


2Healthy breakfast - Quang's noodle

After that, we will have breakfast. You will taste My Quang which is one of the most special dishes in Da Nang city.


A traditional breakfast in Da Nang will never complete without a cup of Vietnamese coffee. The way we drink coffee is different any other places in Vietnam.


While enjoying coffee, you can see the daily life of the most livable city in Vietnam.


3Linh Ung temple and hundred year old banyan tree

After charging the energy for our trip, we will travel to Linh Ung temple which is located in the Son Tra Mountain. Here, you can see the statue of Buddha overlooking at the sea and the statues of 18 Arhats. From this height, you can take a complete view of the whole city below.


go ahead and we can come to the hundred year old banyan tree

4Lunch with special barbecue at Goc Nuong restaurant

We will then have lunch with special barbecue at Goc Nuong restaurant to prepare for the afternoon trip to Hoi An ancient town.


5The lazy town Hoi An

Hoi An is an old town which still preserves the ancient architectures of Vietnam. You can walk along the old streets where the dust of the motor does not exist.

In addition, I will show you the costumes of the ancient Vietnamese, you can buy it like a souvenir or give it to your friend. Your friend will love this special gift.

In the evening, we can join the ancient games such as "beat the pot"

Before coming back to Da Nang, we will have dinner and take some photo in Hoi An at night.

6Walking on the bridge

Da Nang at night is so beautiful. You will watch the city and the beautiful river at night. Da Nang is known with the famous bridges across Han River, especially the rotating bridge across the Han River, walking on one of these bridges in the evening is an interesting experience.



After all, a cool coconut in the evening is such a great choice to end the night.

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My name is Thinh, a student of Da Nang University of Technology. I was born and has been living in Da Nang for over 20 years. In my free time, I usually play sport such as football, basketball or listen music, read book. I also travel and take photo with my friends in the public holiday or vacation. I'm so friendly and really want to get new friend.

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