Diep Ngoc Khuc

Diep Ngoc Khuc

I’m Diep, born and raised in Da Nang and a self-confessed foodie with 26 years’ experience of munching my way through the very special food this exciting city has to offer. Food is my passion and I decided to run this small, private company to share this passion with visitors to my beloved hometown. Da Nang is the 3rd biggest city in Vietnam and is most famed for its stunning scenery, but it is now also building up a reputation as a foodie’s paradise amongst those in the know.The best food is often found at eateries located on hidden lanes and alleyways and it takes a true local to know where to find it – this is where I can help! My goal is to not only introduce you to the diverse, delicious and authentic food on offer here, but also to provide you with an insider’s look at the many customs and traditions that make Viet Nam unique. Come with me on a journey of discovery of the very best food the city has to offer, as I guide you into the alleys and streets that you wouldn’t find alone

Exploring Da Nang Food Tour
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Step off the tourist-trail to come on a voyage of fantastic food discovery with me, Diep, your self-confessed foodie Guide! We’ll hit the hidden streets and alleyways of Da Nang, where locals and ‘in-the-know’ foodies hang-out to sample the very best food this dynamic city has to offer.

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4 Hours
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1 - 5 people
Small groups - normally 5 people max, but no extra fee for big groups or private tours All food and unlimited drinks (water, soft drinks, beers) Fun and mind-blowing experience Walking and taxi during the tour
Half of the price of the tour will be charged with cancellation 2 hours before the tour

About the creator
Diep Ngoc Khuc

Diep Ngoc Khuc

Step off the tourist-trail to come on a voyage of fantastic food discovery with me, Diep, your self-confessed foodie Guide! We’ll hit the hidden streets and alleyways of Da Nang, where locals and ‘in-the-know’ foodies hang-out to sample the very best food this dynamic city has to offer.

Food Tour (6 stops)

First stop! We will be heading to a well-known local market to see how local people shop; then we'll try some Vietnamese baguettes, sour apple juice and sweet-jelly soup

After experiencing the thriving local activity at the market, I will transport you to some hidden alleys and small streets to seek out some typical Vietnamese-cracker-pizza with quail eggs, beef jerky and onion. While eating, we can watch people eat and interact when dining out, and I'll fill you in on history, tales and traditions behind each dish. At some places you will also be able to watch your food get cooked right in front of you!

By now you will probably be starting to feel a bit full after all those yummy snacks, so I’ll give you the chance to do the next leg of our journey on foot, giving you the chance to walk off some of the food before our next destination! As we wander, you'll catch a glimpse of Da Nang nightlife and have time to take in the sights, sounds and beauty of this dynamic city. Before you know it will be at the next stop! Here you can choose from a delicious bowl of a unique Da Nang specialty - Mi Quang noodles (a flavorful mix of turmeric noodles topped with pork, shrimp, egg and vegetables, infused in thick broth), or marinated grilled pork with vermicelli salad and a few bamboo sticks of pork meat. If you’re feeling brave, you can even challenge yourself by having a bowl of noodles with pungent fish sauce! The fish sauce is also a Da Nang specialty and I’ll tell you all about it as we eat.

You must be getting pretty full by now, so let’s walk off that food again as we stroll on to the next stop where you’ll experience a Vietnamese-style BBQ. The hosts will bring out so many different types of meat in different presentations, but the real star of the show will be the sumptuous seafood that Da Nang is famous for! You’ll feast on prawns cooked in a tangy tamarind sauce and barbecued clams with peanut sauce.

special dessert

We’ll end the night with a lovely light and healthy dessert of grilled banana cooked in coconut milk soup that will leave a great taste in your mouth.


 5.0 stars, based on 1 reviews
  • Julian Gonzalez-FragaJulian Gonzalez-Fraga

    Great experience and delicious food! Exactly what I was looking for in a food tour! Highly recommend!

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