Sunny Nguyen

Sunny Nguyen

I am Sunny, now I am working for BC Family Tour in Hanoi, Vietnam. BC Family Tour offers the best customised tours to Vietnam & Southeast Asia. Using our portfolio of expertly-crafted itineraries, we create tailor-made travel packages to match your preferred travel period, touring needs and budget. Contact us to start creating your unforgettable journey "Like a Local". -
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Hanoi- Sapa bus or Vice versa (SOFT BERTHS)
  • Professional bus service
  • Comfortable sleeping berth
  • E-ticket 
  • Pick up from hotel in Old Quarter
  • Reasonably priced

Tour Information

5 Hours
Price per Participant
13.80 ETH
Group size
1 - 20 people
Professional bus service Comfortable sleeping berth Pick up from hotel in Old Quarter
pick up or drop off out of Hanoi Old Quarter, please contact to know extra fee

About the creator
Sunny Nguyen

Sunny Nguyen
  • Professional bus service
  • Comfortable sleeping berth
  • E-ticket 
  • Pick up from hotel in Old Quarter
  • Reasonably priced


With a motto of “We care about your trip”, BC Family Tour has put enormous efforts in offering high quality bus line Hanoi- Sapa and vice versa. This 40-berth sleeping bus promises to make your trip from Hanoi to Sapa or vice versa become more enjoyable and relaxing.

Amenities & Schedule


BC Family Tour is a luxury sleeping bus offering 40 comfortable berths. The bus is well-equipped with excellent sound system with DVD to help you entertain during the journey. The bus provides customer free bottles of mineral water and transport insurance.


The bus will pick you up/ drop- off from your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter  It takes only 5 hours by bus included 30 minutes in a rest-stop to reach the destination.


Departure Time/ Place

          Arrival Time/ Place

Hanoi - Sapa



(at 02 Fansipan Road)

Sapa - Hanoi


(at 02 Fansipan Road)



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