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Hanoi street food walking tour

This is the Great way to try Vietnamese Food! You will never find out an other place which have amazing flavors and fresh food like this in Hanoi, Viet Nam. Let come with us to try traditional food with local people in Hanoi, Viet Nam.

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3 Hours
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1 - 20 people
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Pham Thuy

Pham Thuy

This is the Great way to try Vietnamese Food! You will never find out an other place which have amazing flavors and fresh food like this in Hanoi, Viet Nam. Let come with us to try traditional food with local people in Hanoi, Viet Nam.


Bun Cha OBAMA or known as grilled pork with rice noodles is one of my favorite Vietnamese noodle dishes. The noodles are usually served dry accompanied by the Nuoc Cham (sauce) along with other fresh herbs. The grilled pork can also be served with peanut sauce.  The noodles can be served cold or room temperature with the grilled pork.

Pho Bo ( Beef noodle soup)

Vietnam's favorite convenience food is usually purchased at street stands, where the quality of his or her broth can make or break a cook's reputation. The secret ingredients in ours are meaty beef shanks, charred ginger, and green onions.


There is a dish that can be served all year round, and present in almost every menu of Vietnamese restaurant abroad: A dish that is so famous that many locals of Vietnam assume it as their own specialty and give it their own name such as: “Nem Ran” by northerners and “Cha Gio” by southerners.

Fried spring roll was brought to Hanoi from the Southern part of vietnam and this dish has rapidly become a favorite one of Hanoian, and to express the affection as well as to remember the real origin of the dish, people here call it “Nem Sai Gon”.

Unlike popular myth, Vietnamese do not eat fried spring rolls with rice everyday. In fact it is a preferred food on special occasions such as Tet holiday and other family festivities. Spring rolls not always go along with rice but also seen with round noodle in the mouth-watering bún nem dish.


An egg coffee (cà phê trứng) is a Vietnamese drink which is traditionally prepared with egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk and robusta coffee. The drink is made by beating egg yolks with sugar and coffee, then extracting the coffee into the half of the cup, followed by a similar amount of egg cream,which is prepared by heating and beating the yolks. 

The drink is served in cafes throughout Hanoi, and has been a staple since the 1950s, with one barista describing it as appearing on "every cafe menu".The Giang Café in particular is known for serving the drink, which it makes with chicken egg yolk, coffee powder, condensed milk (cheese optionally). The cup is served inside a bowl of hot water to retain its temperature. The son of the café's founder claims that his father developed the recipe for the drink when milk was scarce in Vietnam, replacing the dairy product with egg yolk.


Bánh xèo, literally "sizzling pancake", named for the loud sizzling sound it makes when the rice batter is poured into the hot skillet is a Vietnamese savory fried pancake made of rice flour, water, turmeric powder. It is stuffed with individual preferences, and served vegetarian or with meat.


Mixed Yogurt

There are two kinds of famous desserts from yogurt in Ha Noi: Black rice mixes yogurt ( Sữa chua nếp cẩm) and Fruits mix yogurt ( Hoa quả dầm sữa chua). 

Try these desserts after your meal is the best choice. You can feel comfort, good for your stomach and easier to digest foods.

Che ( sweet soup)

Che ( Sweet soup) is a dish used to make desserts in Vietnamese cuisine and many other countries. This is a water dish, in which the most important ingredient is sugar. Ingredients for Che are rich in variety: Beans, rice, sticky rice, lotus seeds, fruits, tubers, …


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