Exploring 80 years Saigon Coffee in 5 hours

  • If you ever think that Vietnamese coffee filter sets is the original coffee, book this tour IMMEDIATELY 
  • Visit 2 famous sightseeing while enjoy coffee

Tour Information

5 Hours
Price per Participant
35.00000 USD
Group size
1 - 1 people

- Cups of coffee in 3 places

- Lunch

- Transportation (Motorbike)


Anything not included in the tour


Cancel 7 week before the tour, 100% refund

Cancel 3 days before the tour, 80% refund

Cancel 2 days before the tour, no refund

About the creator
Thien Nhien Nguyen Nguyen

Thien Nhien Nguyen Nguyen

  • If you ever think that Vietnamese coffee filter sets is the original coffee, book this tour IMMEDIATELY 
  • Visit 2 famous sightseeing while enjoy coffee

First stop: Cheo Leo Cafe since 1938

Cheo Leo Cafe, now in its 81th year of operation, is something of a Saigon treasure among the growing trends of coffee in Vietnam

Before French filtered coffee made its way into homes and cafes across town, there was cà phê vợt. Known to English speakers as “stocking coffee”, this method was originally the purview of Cho Lon’s coffee vendors and involved a long, stocking-like fabric filter, a charcoal stove and traditional claypots.

What else you can get when drinking coffee here? A glimpse to Saigon old house. Besides the taste of Cheo Leo coffee hasn't changed in 81 years, neither does the decor!

Second stop: The recall of a legendary forces during Vietnam War

The Tet (Lunar New Year) Offensive (1968)  was a coordinated series of North Vietnamese attacks on more than 100 cities and outposts in South Vietnam. 

As the celebration of the lunar new year, Tet is the most important holiday on the Vietnamese calendar. Before, the holiday had been the occasion for an informal truce in the Vietnam War between the South and the North of Vietnam. 

In early 1968, however, the North Vietnamese military commander General Vo Nguyen Giap chose January 31 as the occasion for a coordinated offensive of surprise attacks aimed at breaking the stalemate in Vietnam. 

  • Do Phu Cafe - this house were used as the basement for Saigon Special Forces preparing for Tet Offensive 
  • It is just like a museum with antique stuffs - tell the stories of this unit during the Vietnam War
  • We can enjoy broken rice - Vietnam traditional food in this cafe before continuing the tour

Third stop: An Uncommon Coffee Style with An Uncommon church

When you think about coffee, you think about bitter. When you think about the color of the church, you come up with some dark color. 

But the last stop will offers you:

  • A new style of coffee: Coconut Iced Coffee (Cong Cafe in Hai Ba Trung Street). Nice coffee in a fabulous decor
  • Tan Dinh Church aka Pink Church: Cong Cafe gives you a direct view to the church (across from the street). You can visit the church after enjoy coffee. Tan Dinh Church is a pink Disney castle-style church of dreams, casually plonked in the centre of Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam


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