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SaigonLovers Vietnam

We are a group of passionate young Vietnamese who live in Saigon/ Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. Because we love the place we live in so much, we want to share that love with you, the international friends. As your local expert buddies, we will take you on the most awesome experience to explore the diverse beauty of Saigon: You will learn the southern Vietnamese history and culture, taste the most authentic Saigon cuisine, set foot on places you never think Saigon would have, and see life here through pristine local eyes. In short, we will make sure that your experience is not only the best for international travelers but to the locals as well.

Saigon Free Tour with Saigon Lovers
 4.91 (122  reviews)

Pick up at your hotel

Please notice that we will drive you by motorbike if only 1 or 2 travellers and take public means of  transport if we have more than 2 travellers.

2 hours to visit :Notre Dame Cathetral, Central Post Office, Catinat Buiding, Ho Chi Minh city Museum.

Possible to require destination before the tour.

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Tour Information

2 Hours
Price per Participant
0.00000 USD
Group size
1 - 10 people
Motorbike & helmet (if any) English Speaking Saigon Lovers' members
Personal expenses (foods, drinks, tips) Travel expenses (if any) Entrance fee (if any)

About the creator
SaigonLovers Vietnam

SaigonLovers Vietnam

Pick up at your hotel

Please notice that we will drive you by motorbike if only 1 or 2 travellers and take public means of  transport if we have more than 2 travellers.

2 hours to visit :Notre Dame Cathetral, Central Post Office, Catinat Buiding, Ho Chi Minh city Museum.

Possible to require destination before the tour.

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2 hours on Motorbike- around Saigon

NOTE: Please booking our tour before contacting us, because we will see your contacts as well as your accommodation and be able to approve your request conveniently. Thank you!

Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon- if you’d prefer the old and colloquial name)! So you’ve just arrived for the first time in this culturally rich city and want to hit all the tourist attraction spots but find it hard to navigate through the heavy and intimidating traffic? Not to worry; we’ve got you covered. The Saigon Lovers team is proud to present the first and only FREE tour in Ho Chi Minh City. We are here to minimize your anxiety, maximize your time while providing you with the most awesome experiences of travelling with a local expert friend. See other triips here:

First of all, please remember that you are our friends. We are here to share with you our love for Saigon so please do not hesitate to ask any questions about Saigon or Viet Nam.

We will pick you up at your place in District 1 or District 3. Please let us know your address.

Then, we will take you on the back of our motorbike on a tour of Saigon from historical landmarks to local markets so you can get a general understanding and feel of the city. Then, we can help you figure out which place will be your new favorite!

A few landmarks we will pass through during our triip are: Saigon Notre- Dame Basilica, Saigon Central Post Office, Reunification Palace, Saigon River, Saigon Opera House, Ho Chi Minh City Hall.

Afterward, we will take you back to the original pickup place.

Please let us know if you have any special requests so we can make a customized triip for you!

If you have any special requests, pls let us know, we can make a customise trip for you.:)

We Love To Share Our City For You

Thank you for checking our tour!


 4.91 stars, based on 122 reviews
  • Derek NgaiDerek Ngai

  • John BennettJohn Bennett

    This was a really good experience, two knowledgeable, engaging and polite students picked us up at our hotel and showed the sights of Saigon. Riding on the backs of their motorcycles was an experience my wife and I will never forget. Thanks for a great morning Kenny and Mo.

  • Owen StephensOwen Stephens

    Absolutely fantastic, our 2 young guides gave us an insight into city life as well as telling us about the history. Would totally recommend that this be the first tour you do in Saigon. Thank you so much.


    It was so great to be with the students of Saigon who are so determined to learn by giving us a glimpse of saigon. The family had fun and enjoyed the city tour with them. 😊😊😊😊

  • Julia KienlerJulia Kienler

    We had a great time with Thao and Mai. They picked us up from our hotel and showed us some culture as well as cool and hidden (vegan - as we are and asked for it) restaurants and coffee shops! We loved the tour!

  • Ernesto Jr OngErnesto Jr Ong

  • Marta MaticsMarta Matics

    Hi. The tour was excellent. The two guys, who came (Vinh and Nhi) are very friendly and kind. They were there in time at our hostel, although our hostel was far from the centre and there was a big traffic. They are speaking very well in English, so we didn't have any misunderstanding problem. They had a plan for the day, but they were very opened for asking us, if we want to do something else. They showed us a lot in the centre and we got a lots of information about the city and the history. So we had great time with them. I'm really happy to got those 2 guys. I can just recommend them,and I can just say thank you soo much! :)

  • Chee Wei NGOChee Wei NGO

    Great walking trip from Saigon Lover. They were friendly and bring with them their local experience of the tourist sites. Was also pleasantly surprised by the bookstores street.

  • Mark HoughtonMark Houghton

    What a great experience, my tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. Such a great way to get around and see the city with some inside help. Highly recommended.

  • explorer yang`explorer yang`

  • Ray JeRay Je

  • Nuno FernandesNuno Fernandes

    This tour was amazing!!! At 9am we meet our tour guides as arranged and we went on their bikes to the city center where we continued on foot trought the main landmarks. The tour was supposed to last 2 hour but we actually spent 5 hours with them and enjoyed a wonderfull lunch as friends! Of course we pay the lunch but that was actually the only thing they allowed us to pay, not even for the gasoline they accepted a contribution. It was so good to be able to meet this 2 girls and see the city chating and laughting with them. I trully recomend this tour to everybody.

  • Michelle ChangMichelle Chang

  • Clare SolidioClare Solidio

    It was a wonderful experience exploring Saigon in a vietnamese way. Our tour guides, Khoa and Vinh, were friendly and enthusiastic to share their knowledge about Saigon. Thank you for touring us in your city in a local’s perspective. Cảm ơn bạn! 😊 I highly recommend this tour especially for first timers and adventurers who wants to enjoy the beauty Saigon in a local way.

  • Lai Soon WongLai Soon Wong

    Fantastic, I have a fantastic tour guide - Ms. Le Su, she is professional and enthusiastic.

  • Ian JesterIan Jester

    We had an excellent tour and are thankful for the experience. Our guides impressed us with their knowledge and passion for the city, and they were respectful, kind and generous of their time throughout. We would highly recommend this to future travelers seeking to understand the city through its talented young people.

  • Liz TelanLiz Telan

  • Elaine OwElaine Ow

  • Dia PolakDia Polak

    The trip was great and the guide Sue was amazing! She told me about things that I wont read enywhere and took me to the places I had no idea. I'm very greatfull for this expierence and optimistic person Sue!!

  • Jochen RosenbergerJochen Rosenberger

    I had a great experience with Saigon lovers, really friendly, kind people, you will learn a lot about life and culture in Ho Chi Minh Very recommend the Tour Thanks again for guiding me and the great time together

  • Lily StielerLily Stieler

    Our guides were the lovliest people imaginable (Le Su and Vy). They were very knowledgeable, kind, generous and great at driving (or should we say weaving) through the busy streets. We felt safe and honoured by the kindness of Le Su and Vy. They brought helmets for us both and would not accept money for gas (petrol) or anything else. Their insider information on Ho Chi Minh was excellent & it was great to get such detailed historical information. They picked us up at our hotel. They were on time. They even dropped us home and they were very flexible too. What a blessing! Thank you Le Su and Vy!

  • Muhammad KashifMuhammad Kashif

    Amazing and My guide Ms. Thuong a very young and energatic girl was so keen to show me all the historic places and important landmarks of hcmc. Her english was excellent and knowledge of history was good. I wish her all the best in her future endeavours and a very happy and successful life. Thank you and your team.

  • Wai Han ChanWai Han Chan

    My tour guide Mai was very informative and knowledgeable. Her English was very good. We visited : - Saigon city hall - Notre dame saigon - Post office centre - Mosque - Walking Street Nguyen Hue - Had famius Vietnamese coffee and treats. Thank you so much for your time ;)

  • Yong ern HoYong ern Ho

  • Johanna CaineJohanna Caine

    Amazing tour guides that turned into our friends. We had a great time and learnt a lot with lots to see. We were even introduced to good food places to eat and shown some bars too. We hope to stay in touch with our tour guides. Thank you so much!!!!! Lots of love, Johanna and Elliot 💞

  • Kelly OlsonKelly Olson

    Lovely time! They showed up promptly at 10:30am (and were willing to start late since we'd just arrived at 2:00am that morning). Very goofy and fun people who clearly love their city. Would absolutely recommend! They're trying to get their name out so please spread the word.

  • Alyssa LinAlyssa Lin

    We had the loveliest tour guides and thoroughly enjoyed our trip! ☺️

  • Jambs Mooncake MacedaJambs Mooncake Maceda


  • Ma. Christy BaldecanasMa. Christy Baldecanas

    We have a great time with Saigon Lovers. 😇😇 They toured us around HCMC and shared there knowledge about the history of their place which help us to appreciate Vietnam. Thank you guys, you are so amazing!!! 😘😘😘

  • Wilaipond Paula SiringamWilaipond Paula Siringam

    Our 2 buddies were so nice taking us to deep down the historical Vietnam. It was raining day but they never complaint or felt tired. We really appreciated and it was not the tour but friendship tour. Thanks for giving us time to touch HCM:)

  • Christie PhangChristie Phang

    Friendly guide!!! And the tour was great! Thanks so much!

  • Jo NishioJo Nishio

  • Ping-Feng LiuPing-Feng Liu

  • Hui Kuok TewHui Kuok Tew

    Good! Very friendly and informative. Took us to try local Vietnamese lunch in back alley which normal tourist will never know. And its good!😋Thank you.

  • Michelle WanMichelle Wan

  • Joyce ChiuJoyce Chiu

    Our tour guides were very friendly and helpful. We loved the opportunity to talk to locals and see the city from their perspective. It was also a humbling experience to learn more about Vietnamese culture. Definitely recommend this tour! :)

  • Hafida HallouHafida Hallou

    It was good. But I was expecting to visit the city on motorbike but we were more walking.... anw the girl was very nice

  • Phan Thanh MinhPhan Thanh Minh

  • Valerie ChuaValerie Chua

  • Riani SimarmataRiani Simarmata

  • Phan Thanh MinhPhan Thanh Minh

    That's so cool and nice. We had great trip and learned many interesting things. Thank you, guys. Your team are awesome!!!

  • Ivy SoIvy So

  • Angela Marcela Gómez BeltranAngela Marcela Gómez Beltran

    Actually it was very good. Helpful and very nice people

  • Phan Thanh MinhPhan Thanh Minh

  • Aris PhamAris Pham

  • Jerry TeoJerry Teo

    Was taken care by Vy and her fellow volunteer. Overall a great experience. Managed to learn vietnam local culture and had much information sharing. Learned much about Vietnam from them.

  • (09/07/2017)

    While we couldn't make the tour because of some rearrangements from our side, they were always cordial and supportive. Hope to do the tour next time.

  • Simon DukeSimon Duke

    Absolutely fantastic. Awesome tour. 10/10

  • Shengte HsuShengte Hsu

    Superb! It was such a great way to experience the city. The guides themselves did a excellent job interacting with us and make sure we had a great one, Khoa speaks amazingly fluent English and know a lot about Saigon which helps create a more relaxed and fun atmosphere. Many thanks to these two gentlemen showing us around.

  • Quan LeQuan Le

  • Alexis LuiAlexis Lui

    Saigon Lovers was great. I wish I had found them sooner. Khoa was my guide for the day and he went above and beyond to take care of me. Highly recommend Saigon Lovers! -Alexis

  • Malek BsatMalek Bsat

    It was a wonderful experience. We started by riding through the busy streets, visited some landmarks like the post office, then spent the chunk of day at the Museum of Vietnamese History, which was my favorite part, and Dan had plenty of information to share about the rich history of Vietnam.

  • Nina PorciniNina Porcini

  • Yentl Van ReuselYentl Van Reusel

    wow! this was an amazing experience to start our trip in vietnam. the guides give good information, make joke and are very good drivers. the traffic in HCM makes the trip an adventure. they personalised our tour while doing it...this was more the great. do not hesitate and book this trip.

  • Harjun SinghHarjun Singh

    Great experience,had wonderful time exploring around the city with a bike ride through a friendly nice tour guide,would definitely try it again

  • Bhupendra YadavBhupendra Yadav

    Awesome. Keep the good work going. They are nice friendly. I highly recommend since they can show you around quickly and will give you information about historical places. Just like expert tour guide. And for me they were the saviour as well. Yhey helped me to find my lost driving license. Vy and phi both were knowledgeable.

  • Lyra EgotLyra Egot

    It was a great experience. Keep it up guys!

  • Amanda HerzAmanda Herz

  • Tuyet NguyenTuyet Nguyen

  • Ellaine TiamzonEllaine Tiamzon

    We had a wonderful start here in Ho Chi Minh. The motorbike ride and all the places we went. Thanks a lot!

  • Pekka MyllylaPekka Myllyla

    Really great. Excellent service

  • Kimberly Tan-AfuanKimberly Tan-Afuan

  • Orion  WoodsOrion Woods

    No one responded to my online question regarding pick up location and time. So I didn't go on the tour.

  • Liza MohamedLiza Mohamed

    Phúc Hải and Diem are two amazing young persons who are passionate in bringing Saigon to us. We enjoyed the tour and their company so much, as they purely love the city themsleves. Glad that the scheduled 3pm tour was changed to the evening session, as the lights make the city look more vibrant and beautiful, and the weather were much more friendly :). We had great fun going around the city, love the local food experience and all the new knowledge we gained about Saigon. I had great time at book street, talking about great books and ended up buying a good book that highly recommended by Hải. Without both of them our first day in the city might not be that interesting and enjoyable. Congratulation Saigon Lovers for having such amazing people in the team!

  • Makiko OyamaMakiko Oyama

    I had good time with my guide. She took me to the places I'm interested in. She's nice and told me about the city.

  • rita sinambelarita sinambela

    The tour is brilliant. My husband and I were picked up at our hostel 21 April 2016, by Phuch Hai and Lam Huyen ; they were handsome , pretty and young, and polite. They took us to places we to the most tourism in Saigon in 2.30 hours., local perspective, they inform about trip very clear and very friendly. Not only were they great tour guides, we also just had a really nice time talking with them. We had great conversation and a great time with them! Thank you Triip, Thanks a lot to Phuch Hai and Lam Huyen.

  • Joe AtzkaeJoe Atzkae

    I had a great time exploring Ho Chi Minh city on Hoang Hai's motorbike. It's exciting and interesting to ride motorbike on the hectic traffic. Hoang Hai also took me to many historic places. He is a very passionate person. Highly recommended and SaigonLover really did a great job.

  • Puinyuk ChiangPuinyuk Chiang

    I had a great day with Nhung, the little cute girl. She is nice and really into getting tourists to know more about life of local. Thanks for everything!!

  • bo liubo liu

    My friends and I had a great time with our guides, Phuc Hai, Duy Thang, Nhi and Nhung. They are really passionate and friendly. They gave us different tips and places to explore. I would highly recommend visitors to sign up this tour.

  • Michelle ChongMichelle Chong

    I had a great time with you - my friend Tan, thanks for your ride and show me around. Thanks to Saigon Lovers.

  • Mathilde Dam Mathilde Dam

    I was shown around by Hai, a really friendly and reliable guy. We saw some tourist sights and then went to have my first Pho here in Vietnam. Thanks for all the tips!

  • Teng Hin KhooTeng Hin Khoo

    Highly recommended for 1st time visitors to Saigon. The guides were awesome and knowledgeable!! It was a good experience. We enjoyed it very much!!

  • Dominik ShaimDominik Shaim

    Thank you for motorbike tour, vietnamese traffic is crazy, lol, but I enjoy it :)) I also recommend to others.

  • Bill WinkelBill Winkel

    The tour was simply brilliant! The guides checked with us to find out what we had seen and done in Saigon before they met us. They were on time and took us to some unique places to see how the local people live. The motorbike riding was good fun and the guides were quite knowledgeable about the city. We REALLY enjoyed this experience and would highly recommend it to anyone!

  • Woro Hardiyanti SuhardiWoro Hardiyanti Suhardi

    You are all great, saigon is great and also Tan my guide is great. About 2 hours getting around among the hectic transport, is my fantastic experience. Tan taking me to many places,except the famous objects he also take me to many traditional markets. With good english and deep explanation. 2 hours become run fast, its not enough for me haha.. next time i go to saigon, i will call u again coz i want to catch the night view. Sure I love Saigon and You!!

  • John van der VeurJohn van der Veur

    Great - Tan and Trang were fantastic hosts. We were picked up at our hotel at the arranged time and spent the next 2 hours on the back of their motorcycles visiting various attractions. Both Tan and Trang were very enthusiastic, well informed and helpful. After the tour we were dropped back at our hotel . A great morning tour.

  • Nils J. KempeNils J. Kempe

    I had a great time! I Visited different spots I would have never seen if not With a local. It's was fun and I learned a lot about Vietnamese youth couture as well as about the cities history. All in all a great experience! I can highly recommend this tour.

  • Sean KangSean Kang

    I had a terrific time on my motorbike city night tour with Philippe, the tour guide. He was generous with his time and enthusiastic about sharing his insights about Vietnam and Saigon. I got to eat very reasonably-priced seafood, walk along the Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street and see local young people and families enjoying the fountains, lights, and street performers, as well as pass by several prominent landmarks (Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Central Post Office, Independence Palace, etc.). All in all, a great experience taking in the sights at night!

  • Terry May Ann SomeraTerry May Ann Somera

    I had a very great experience along with my friend with the Saigon Lovers Daniel and Alex. They took us around great places around the city of Saigon. Trully an ejoyable moments with these folks. Keep it up and more power! :)


    It started with easy booking and prompt confirmation of the Saigon free motorbike tour on 01-03-2016. I was picked up by my tour guide Phoebe at my hotel punctually at 3 pm. Off we went to Notre Dame Cathedral, Post Office, Opera House, Vinh Padgoda, Nha Rong Walg and etc etc etc. It was a a WONDERFUL and REFRESHING tour. I gave her a ***** rating.

  • Peter & Lauren HodgsonPeter & Lauren Hodgson

    Wow! We loved our Triip with the SaigonLovers team. My husband and I were picked up at our hostel by Thanh & Ymy - they were both awesome. They took us to places we hadn't already been and gave us truly a unique, local perspective. Not only were they great tour guides, we also just had a really nice time talking with them. We had great conversation and a great time with them! Thank you!

  • Noereg ElkremNoereg Elkrem

    Finally it was an amazing Tour! Phoebe was great and showed me wonderful places and street food. i could expect better. I learned a lot about everyday life in Ho Chi Minh City and about the cuisine...

  • Richard MartinRichard Martin

    We were picked up at our hostel by Phoebe and Thang. We had a great time touring the War Museum and learning a bit about Vietnam's history. We also enjoyed the company of these two! Riding the motorcycle was a lot of fun! Thank you so much to you guys! :D

  • Aleksandra KozakAleksandra Kozak

    We had very nice trip with Kurt and Nhi! We felt safe with them and for some time we really could feel like "local" people. They showed us Post Office, Chinatown and we had some food and snacks toghether. Perfect way to learn city and super nice time for us. Thanks guys!

  • Wai Keong CheangWai Keong Cheang

    We booked our tour on New Year's Day, and was offered an evening tour which we agreed to. Our guides, Ngan and Nhi, both arrived on time and after an introduction and safety briefing, took us to the Opera House. From there, we made our way on foot to the Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street. Along the way, they helpfully regaled us with a details on the landmarks and history of HCMC. We were asked what we would prefer to do next, we chose street food sampling, upon which we walked to Turtle Lake, to join throngs of locals hanging out whilst eating local delicacies. We had wonderful conversations with both of them; learning local knowledge, sharing our perspectives of this city and helping us plan the itinerary for rest of our week. The motorbike ride thru the city itself is an experience much enjoyed; both guides friendly and helpful nature being highlights of our trip to HCMC. On a scale of 1 to 10, they scored an 11!

  • valary toddvalary todd

    Had a great tour with my guide Nhi today. She showed me some great sites and also gave me a lot of insight on Vietnamese peoples views. Do this tour, you won't be sorry.

  • Kirat  PanesarKirat Panesar

    We had a great time with our guides Tho and Nhi, they showed is some great places we wouldn't have found ourselves. Seeing the city on the back of a bike is definitely the best way, it's an experience just to be part the traffic! We also tried a lovely street dessert and got to ask loads of questions. Thanks to our amazing Saigon Lovers for a fantastic experience, would definitely recommend to anyone visiting Saigon.

  • xiu tanxiu tan

    It was great! The tour guide was nice and friendly and brought me to many places. It was one on one which was really shocking to me!

  • Bow JitnaithamBow Jitnaitham

    Thank you to Triip and my local guide, Duy. I only had one day in Ho Chi Min and I had a really great time! Duy was very nice and friendly :) Being on the bike in Ho Chi Min City was such a wonderful experiences! I rate you 5 starts and 10 million hearts :)

  • Jeonghoon YuJeonghoon Yu

    I had a tour yesterday and it was so awesome. Travelling with local people makes the trip much more meaningful. Thanks for the guides, I enjoyed some foods I never come to know by myself. I will never forget the memory with excellent 3 guides. Especially, the crazy guy Dao, lol. Anyway, the tour with deep knowledge on history was fantastic!

  • Russel William GoRussel William Go

    Hello to our awesome tour guides My and Khoa! Our tour occurred on December 3, 2015 and I did not have a computer at the time so I'm writing this review just now - 7 days after the fact. Me and my brother had fun touring around Saigon in motorbikes with My and Khoa. First thing I noticed arriving in Saigon was the overwhelming number of motorcycles. Having been to other Southeast Asian cities, I think Saigon tops the list. It is just crazy but these guys made the ride a breeze. Our first stop was the metro station built during the French colonial era that became the city's post office. These guys know about their country's history, therefore, it became easy for me to get answers to questions I had in mind (why the post office building had a French flair to it, etc). Then we went to the nearby Notre Dame cathedral, which is interesting in that there were photoshoots of married couples happening. I think on the day we were there there were three such photoshoots and as it turns out, this is pretty common sight. Afterwards, we went to the War Remnants Museum. I am a big fan of history and the concept of communism fascinates me, so this place is easily one of the best things we did that day. Then it was time to say goodbye to our new friends and my brother misses them already. ;-) I highly recommend this tour to anyone reading, it is free and easy and you get a lot in return.


    Hi! Saigon Lovers especially to my tour guide, Duy! I had a very great time durinh this trip. It supposed to be two-hour trip on bike around Saigon City but me and Duy end up having a half day spent together haha. Duy was a very friendly guy and he brought to a market which I will never find out myself. We both had a conversation on very wide range of topics. We both still practicing to improve our english. Overall I had an amazing experience with this trip. Very recommended to everyone. I almost shed a tears when me and Duy about to split ways. He gave me a note of Vietnam as gift to remember. Thanks for the great time and memory Duy!

  • Jevgenia SabanovaJevgenia Sabanova

    We had an amazing time during our visit to Saigon with Mike and Trang on their motorbikes. This was one of our favourite experiences in this city - they both are amazingly friendly and know the history of Ho Chi Minh City very well, and best of all, they love their country! We learned some amazing things and facts from them, visited post office, a fantastic museum of tradicional medicine, and the biggest coffee shop in Saigon :) And of course, part of experiencing the city, is getting on a motorbike - that I highly recommend, because they are very good drivers and you feel very safe with them no matter how hectic the transport gets. Thank you guys for the wonderful time!!

  • Wolfgang FiedlerWolfgang Fiedler

    Hello to Team Saigon-Lovers, After returning back to Germany, we would tell you, that we had a great time with SaigonLovers on our motorbike tour on 20.11.2015 We would thank to My and her partner for a wonderful trip through the city of ho chi minh city. They both are very friendly and we had a good and safe trip !!! They showed us different kinds of places, answered to all our questions. We had a great introduction to the city from this tour !!! They also showed us a Chinese Temple and a very beautiful Vietnamese Temple !!! We had nice time together, and can say that we had a great time in ho chi minh city. Thanks for all Kind regards Wolfgang & Tina Köln - Germany

  • raine praine p

    It was like touring with friends more than tour guides. :) Hang offered me this tour through a couchsurfing message. I checked out this site because I couldn't believe that they are offering it free of charge. This tour made our trip in Vietnam fun, crazy (motorbike ride in Vietnam is a good kind of crazy) and memorable. It's not easy to find tours that don't charge but this one... you get to learn some history, enjoy the view, exchange stories/knowledge/culture and have a laugh with awesome people from this group :) Both of them speaks English well, and I believe their passion to give tourists a good impression and experience in Vietnam is highly commendable; they definitely made us want to go back to Vietnam again, one day. Hopefully, we'll go back there with more friends to meet our new found friends in Vietnam. Thank you for taking us (safely.. haha) around the city. Sorry Kurt that we weren't able to hang out with you after the tour :( Mei, thank you for your wonderful backpacking stories :) I hope we'll get to tour you around Manila, one day. Thanks for the awesooooome experience in your awesome country of awesome people :D

  • carlo feliciacarlo felicia

    This was a fun tour. We initially signed up for the free bike tour but then switched our minds the night before to do the pottery class instead. Our tour gave us both so we were very satisfied. We had 2 adults and 2 children and our kids loved the motorbike rides as they had so much fun. The pottery class was good although we found out its not that easy to make vases and cups but we had so much fun doing it. Initially we were unsure of having our two girls (7) and (10) ride bikes around HCM given the crazy traffic and drivers there but it went well and they never wanted to get off the bikes. After pottery class, we asked them to take us to a local restaurant and they took us to a delicious BBQ place. I highly recommend them especially their very reasonable rates.

  • Origundo TsaiOrigundo Tsai

    Mike, brought me to the central post because I want to send letter for my friends. He helped me to buy stamps and waited me patiently. After that, we walked to the statue in front of red church and then he introduced me the hot spots. The other side, I explained the Chinese word to him. Then we took a walk around the nearby park and chatted something about me, about Mike, about the country. This time I wanted to learn more about the stories, culture and people. It's very happy to meet up with Mike. He is so enthusiastic.

  • Ruth GohRuth Goh

    Kurt, brought me around the city and even to places I wanted to go but didn't know how like Cholon! I had such a lovely experience though it was fast and I am touched by the work they do. They are not a profit driven company and you could tell by their passion that they really enjoy doing what they do!

  • vu joannavu joanna

    Thans to Nhien for this amazing food tour around HCMV. I taste a very good and special meal. Nhien is very nice and funny. I really enjoyed this moment.

  • Ximena CorralXimena Corral

    It was a really good experience! I had a great introduction to Ho chi minh city. Mike, D and Nhg were really friendly I felt like I was hanging out with friends not guides. I recommend this tour 100% . Being on a bike exploring the streets was breathtaking!! Thank you for share your time I really appreciate it :)

  • Maud ClémentMaud Clément

    Thank you so much Khoa & Saigon Lovers team, to introduced me Vietnam, culture, way of live, and food ! You shown me differents kinds of places, answered to all my questions. I had very interesting and friendly time in your always good mood company ! =)

  • Randy BainRandy Bain

    Khoa a.k.a Kurt, gave me an insightful and amazing tour around ‪Saigon‬. He was funny, entertaining intelligent and very passionate about showing visitors to Ho Chi Minh the sights, sounds and flavors of ‪Vietnam‬. I highly recommend taking this tour and experiencing the city with a guide who truly enjoys sharing their love for it.

  • Zaid Bin MohamadZaid Bin Mohamad

    I had a great introduction to the city from this tour. Being on a bike with my guide exploring the streets of Saigon, I really felt close to the city and its people. Kim is such a wonderful guide, very resourceful, accomodative, fun and sweet, you couldn't help but feel as though you're exploring the city with your best buddy! Definitely the highlight of my Vietnam trip.

  • Janice JaniceJanice Janice

    Jane and Phoebe are super trip guides. They showed us and taught us so much wonderful aspects of Vietnam and Saigon. We felt as if we were hanging out with friends. It made us feel welcomed and gave us a real chance to learn about the culture. Thank you SO MUCH!!! :)

  • Werner LenWerner Len

    My motorbike tour was organized perfectly by my competent and friendly guides and gave me a very interresting first impression of Saigon. Thank you very much!


    My tour was originally 10/19 but I guess there was some miscommunication so we decided to tour on 10/20. Hang was very nice and friendly. She took me to Dist 8 to walk around and what I loved about the tour was that I was the only tourist in the area. She offered some recommendations on local food and we discussed local culture. It was my first time riding on a motorbike so that was a +.

  • Navin StevensonNavin Stevenson

    We did the food tour. We were were picked up dot on time by Khoa, Nhi and Tho. All three of them spoke English and were very pleasant by nature. Had a lot of fun and throughly enjoyed seeing saigon with locals. They are very nice people. I would highly recommend this tour. Nhi this is for you... bottoms up...Mot, hai, ba... yooooooo

  • Nils ConradNils Conrad

    It was a pleasure to be guest on Trang's motorbike seat. She showed me some interesting spots in Saigon and she had a lot to tell me. Great experience that I would recommend to friends. Thanks!

  • Alex ChristanthoAlex Christantho

    Incredible! The communication between me and this group's representative was smooth and fast. I mentioned my availability in Saigon, locations of my hotel, and things I wished to see. They really catered everything very nicely. Since I was staying nowhere near District 1 and 3, the guide really went extra miles to pick me up from my place. He was so friendly and full of smile. I could really sense his effort to provide the best service. Using his motorbike, he brought me to the places I requested earlier and also to some sweet spots in Ho Chi Minh City. At the end of the tour, we had lunch together at one small noodle shop and I really appreciated his recommendations. Thank you Saigon Motorbike Tour! I look forward to book your service again when I visit HCMC in the future.

  • Louise ElliottLouise Elliott

    The girls were lovely and spoke English well. They picked us up from the hotel and explained what they had planned. It was a great way to see the nightlife of HCM and felt quite safe on the back of their bikes. Unfortunately one of the bikes had problems but was sorted quickly. We only got to two eating places - local seafood back street and Main Street desert bar, which was great but for a food tour would have liked to try more places/cuisines. Would recommend to friends as they were lovely girls just starting out.

  • stacy taranstacy taran

    Had a great time :) thanks

  • gabriella fregonagabriella fregona

    A really awesome way to see Ho Chi Minh, even as a local. Our group of five was made up of three expats and two tourists and we all loved the tour. All the guides were friendly and informative so it made the experience great. We mostly went around district five which is less touristy but such a great way to see how the city is different in the different districts! Thank-you SaigonLovers for a great afternoon, and Triip for helping us organise the tour :)

  • imran kimimran kim

    Thank you so much to SaigonLovers for making this great triip with us The best thing was talking to the guides, Trang and Bao ... they answered all our curiosities about Vietnam and became friends with us Our children also really liked them and the triip

  • rachel Chanrachel Chan

    A really great experience! We went to places we would never have gone without the guides! :) I would definitely recommend this to my friends.

  • Felix KunzFelix Kunz

    An awesome experience and a realy good way to start off in Saigon. We signed up last minute and could still go eventhough we were the only ones at the tour! We saw many nice places around the town, tried locel dishes and learned a LOT about the city and Vietnam in general. The guides are super friendly, funny and educated (they speak very good english). Couldn't recommend doing this enough!

  • Trish MagnoTrish Magno

    My friend Lovely & I had so much fun riding on a motor bike around the city! Kurt and Hang were the best guides :). Both were super friendly and accommodating. We went to several city locations but the best part was eating some Vietnamese street food! After the tour, we visited the SaigonLovers office as well and everyone was just too kind to have a quick chat with us. More power to Saigon Lovers! We hope to see you soon!

  • Jennifer BowmanJennifer Bowman

    This was such a wonderful experience! Trang was my guide and she was so great. I enjoyed her friendly, happy, enthusiastic personality. If you want to really know Saigon you must know the people and this experience gave a chance for that. Thank you Trang and the rest of the saigon lovers!

  • Vedran BajerVedran Bajer

    No words to describe, truly amazing. Super friendly, hassle free, local experience that just flies by. Had a great time with my guide Kim, seen some great sites and had enjoyed being driven on the back of a scooter in HCMC!

  • Sandra LohSandra Loh

    I loved this tour! The guides were really patient and took the time to explain what they knew about the city and how to have the best time possible. We had a lot of fun in the biggest coffee shop in ho chi minh city just sitting and chatting about our lives. Really recommend taking this tour. Maybe the only thing that we could have done differently was to book this on our first day since we didn't know much about hcmc! Would recommend early bookings. Thank you saigon lovers! We had a lovely time :) looking forward to the pictures

  • Quentin BoissinotQuentin Boissinot

    A great experience, the Saigon lovers where friendly fun and interesting. Definitely worth it.

  • Soh AnSoh An

    We were very lucky to know these group of people from triip me during our stay through our host in hcmc. They are very friendly and passionate to show us what the country have during the ride around the city area. we were able to witness the city area in hcmc by the bike which is definitely something worth trying and experience their motor driving skill with no worries. It help us a lot for our remaining days i hcmc as we have some insights on how far and the direction to visit the tourist attraction. Introduction of the place were also being brief to us which make our visit to the places more fruitful. Due to the busy traffic, it might be abit difficult to grasp what was being share during the ride, but still they are patient and raise their voice so that I can get as many information about the city. Thank you, Thai and Joe for the ride! And very helpful in assisting us beyond the ride. (Sorry if I misspelled your name). Stefan and Michelle

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