Haetam Fachry Attamimy

Haetam Fachry Attamimy

I'm a music journalist who couldn't leave his hometown. I want to share this love by introducing my island, my city, my area to people from around the globe. We have friendly vibes here in Lombok! I don't like the idea of tour guides rip people off just because they're foreigners.

From Soothing Hills to Wild Party in Gili Trawangan; North Lombok Has a Lot to Offer

Travelling Lombok without using formal guides who works for travel agencies. Well organised, but it's like being with a friend!

Tour Information

3 Days
Price per Participant
150.00000+ USD
Group size
1 - 4 people
Transportation, entrance fees
Lunch & dinner, accommodation, alcohol.

About the creator
Haetam Fachry Attamimy

Haetam Fachry Attamimy

Travelling Lombok without using formal guides who works for travel agencies. Well organised, but it's like being with a friend!

Day 1 - Straight to the Hills

I can start with picking you up at the airport and drop you off at your hostel/hotel/homestay if you  have already booked it. If you haven’t, don’t worry. I will help you looking for one, depends on your taste and your needs. But you can tell me beforehand so I can look for best options.

Once we arrive in North Lombok, Senaru area to be exact, we’re going to start the journey at 8 AM. First thing to see is the view of Rinjani, one of the biggest mountains in Indonesia. Maybe enjoying the morning with a cup of coffee if you’d like one. After that, we’re going to explore to different waterfalls with lots of stairs (prepare your breath!), I will take care of the entrance fee.

Exploring the waterfalls could take a few hours or even half a day, it depends. Besides waterfall, the main attraction in Senaru is the hiking. There are lots of hills around this area for picnic and hiking, you can enjoy the soothing breeze fresh air of this beautiful area.

Day 2 - North coast road trip

North Lombok became its own region recently and it attached to West Lombok before. It’s pretty reasonable since North area has its own beauty. Driving from Senaru across a beautiful road is always interesting. The main point is when the view changed from hills to oceans and there are lots of things to see in between. One of them is the famous oldest mosque in Lombok which attracts lots of visitors from time to time because of its uniqueness. On the road, there is always a traditional carnival called Nyongkol, a very old tradition where a bride and a groom walking alongside their families and friends with traditional music playing live by a band with unique instruments.

Another thing to see in North area is Pantai Tebing, a beautiful black sand beach with rock formations all around it. This one could be quite an adventure too since you have to climb the hill first.

Break time, let’s find the amazing  Satay Tanjung (Tanjung is the name of the area). It’s spicy and delicious. But in case you’re not interested in eating chicken or meat, there’s an alternative. Pelecing Kangkung is the answer to this. But be careful, it’s still spicy!

Day 3 - Party time or relaxing in one of the three Gilis

Three different Gilis (Gili means small island) in North area has their own characteristics. If you want to party, I’ll arrange the transportation with a public boat or speed boat to Gili Trawangan.

If you want a complete peace, let’s find it in Gili Meno. Gili Air is something in between, but Gili Trawangan has always been the most crowded one. But being in one of the Gilis is not just about the party or relaxing time. There are lots of activities you can do. Diving, snorkeling, riding bicycle around the island and many more. You can choose :)


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