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Ralf Michael

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Insider’s Marbella - Private Sightseeing Tours

“Skip the tourist traps and find out what the locals know about Marbella”

Tour Information

Lunch in one of our favorite Spanish restaurants with wine and soft drinks. Tickets and transportation.
Other expenses, charters and rentals and other drinks not specified above.

About the creator
Ralf Michael

Ralf Michael

“Skip the tourist traps and find out what the locals know about Marbella”

Your Personal Tour Guide

You'll Love It Here!

Explore Marbella high and low, seek out the best cafes, shops and wonderful attractions. Marbella is a city of great beauty that will captivate your senses and make you want to visit again.

Escorted tours to various destinations

Exploring the very best of Marbella!

Go new places, discover top attractions, enjoy delicious Spanish cuisine. Experience an exclusive guided-tour specially tailor-made for you, focused on your interests and expectations.

For starters, I will take you on a half-day sightseeing tour of Marbella and surrounding areas, personalized for single travelers, families and small groups up to 6 people. Based around cultural, historical, shopping, and places of stunning natural scenery in sunny southern Spain.

I offer shopping tips, city tours and the best choices for food, entertainment and great fun.


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