Dung Nguyen

Dung Nguyen

Hi, I am a little nomad. Welcome to my travel dream. Actually I have been a student in Finance and Banking at Foreign Trade University. However I am so passionate for travelling, so I have turned my career pkan to become a travel writer. I have been to Ireland, Indonesia, Singapore, South of Korea. I come from Hanoi, but I am now living in Ho Chi Minh city. I am here for both eating the way around Ho Chi Minh and nearby areas and working as a freelance journalist. I am finishing my first book about travelling in Vietnam (I have been to a lot of provinces in the South, the Center and the North of Vietnam) I am willing to share my experience with you guys. So, here we go!

Can Tho - very first destination at Mekong Delta
You cannot miss Can Tho city when traveling to the Southern of Vietnam. Let's come on a trip with us.

Tour Information

24 Hours
Price per Participant
60.00 TIIM
Group size
1 - 5 people
Meal (two lunches and one dinner), ticket, transportation (bus and boat, motorbike in Can Tho)
hotel booking, breakfast at the second day.

About the creator
Dung Nguyen

Dung Nguyen
You cannot miss Can Tho city when traveling to the Southern of Vietnam. Let's come on a trip with us.

How to reach and where to go

We start at 7:00 AM from Ben Xe Mien Tay (Western Bus Station). Or I can book the ticket for you in advance so the transiting bus can pick you up at anywhere you request.

1.Where to go

Because I stayed in a girl’s house who accepted to host me through the website couchsurfing.org, so I have no experience in booking a hotel there. However, as I skimmed the prices, you should go to the area near Ninh Kieu quay (the very central part of center of Can Tho). There are a lot of hotel and hostel there. The price varies from 200.000 VND – 500.000 VND (~10 – 25 USD) per night per room. Quite near from there, you can visit Kim Tho hotel cafeteria at the top of the building (you can enter without booking the hotel room), then go right up to the top. You will have a great view of the city, toward the big Can Tho bridge far away, downward to Ninh Kieu quay which is so peaceful and beautiful.

After settling down, now I will show you around through some photographs I took on the way there.

First of all, it is Binh Thuy old house. It is said to represent the life of Southern people in the past. The architecture is quite ancient which just few families remain until now. There is a family living there, but they all are hospitable and friendly if you want to go inside and take a deeper look.

The second place you should come by is Cai Rang floating boat market. It usually runs quite early, from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM. Cai Rang, in Vietnamese, means a tooth. Actually I do not know why it is called by that name, even the locals have no idea about this too. To join this market, you need to rent a boat rowing by the local. The fare for a 6-seat boat would be 250.000 – 300.000 VND. (It can load up to 6 people). You should rent your own boat, because if so, you can stop whenever and wherever you want. At there, you can find many kind of fruits. Some boats serve breakfast as well. You should experience at least once the feeling of eating in on a narrow, floating boat there. From far way, you can distinguish easily the fruit sold by looking at the the products the pole holds (each boat has a pole which the seller hang the product they sell on). For example, if that boat offers the buyer pineapples, they will put a pineapple in the highest position of that pole.Many travelers, photographers from other countries around the world come here and take pictures of people’s live in boat and along the two river sides. Some of them have no house in land, all their living activities are done in the boat and river.

Next, you must come to My Khanh Tourist Village. I must admit that it is not natural but created by the locals. However, there are a lot of things to do and to see there. There are some old houses like Binh Thuy houses, there is a fruit garden where you can see a lot of fruit trees, there is a crocodile lake. Moreover, there are dog race and pig race in this place, it is one of the most interesting things here. Their children may be keen on the circus with the monkey. They are all smart and lovely. At My Khanh, you can go fishing by boat, you can see some wooden houses which make you feel like being in Da Lat (Vietnam). The ticket is 30.000 VND for an adult.

The last place I visited in my jaunt is a Fruit Garden outside the city. There are so many kind of fruit trees there, a man plants this garden. He taught me a lot about knowing when a fruit is ready to be collected, how to distinguish a white dragon fruit with a red dragon fruit,... There is no entrance fee, however, before you get out, you can taste some fruits there. In that case, you should pay them some money. It is quite cheap from my point of view.

What to eat?

We will move around the cities by motorbikes, there is a variety of cuisine here, these are my recommendation:

Bún riêu tôm (shrimp rice noodles): A vermicelli plat with the shrimp, meat, vegetable... It is so delicious. You can have one at Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street. The price is so reasonable. 25.000 VND a bowl.

A range of soup: You can try them as breakfast at wherever you drop in in the morning. They are not expensive at all.

Bánh Xèo (rice pancake): Come to a restaurant “7 Tớ” at Hoang Quoc Viet street and enjoy it. It is a typical food here with some ingredients wrapped by a thin paper then they are all fried until turning yellow.

Other food you should try there: Banh Cong, Lau Mam,...


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