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Value: An Experience for You To Immerse In Our Culture, Be With Locals. Hi there! My name is Vic Qi, a Malaysian where I grew up in a state named Perak, 4th largest state in Malaysia. Most of my childhood was in Gopeng, Ipoh, and Kampar, three different cities. Thus, I would love to share the experience about Ipoh and Gopeng's heritage and culture, including the buildings, people, nature, food, and some local preferences. This is especially for those who would love to explore the heritage and culture. Ipoh and Gopeng were once a famous tin mining town, and that is how these cities got developed.  This is a journey of walking and taking public bus to reduce environmental impact, the best way to immerse in the local culture. Well, if you prefer having a car to bring around, yes it is still possible but with extra charges for fuel. I do not want this to be the cliche tour, but an experience for you to immerse in our culture.  In details, I suggest to start the day in Ipoh Railway Station, we hang around Heritage trail, visit museums, and we will be off to a smaller town named Gopeng with public transport, then we will have a heritage walk and enjoy the local food, off we go, back to Ipoh!  Oh, I have just learn about the term called conscious travel which I will apply the concept and aim to promote to be a healthy visitor to increase net positive value in ecology, social, and economic. Cheers! Check out more about other experiences with me in the nature and during night time! =)
6 Hours
11.00000+ USD
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