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This trip is not only a trip, but prefered to say this is a smart trip to understanding on human evolution. Orangutan,  the great ape in  Asia who only live in Sumatra and Borneo. Orang means people and Utan means hutan or forest, people in the forest. It is not too much to called them people cause we share 97% DNA with Orangutan. Getting closer with orangutan we will see many fact that we, totally shared our DNA with them. Female Orangutan has a menstruation cycle, it has 9 month pregnancy, mother also giving a breast feed to the baby, nurture the baby till 4 years then continuing living together till 8 years, and many things we can see.  We will visit 3 Orangutan feeding station. NO TOUCHING. NO TALKING. ONLY BREATHING ALLOWED. Actually, we can also watch another exotic animal like Proboscis monkey- famous called as Bekantan- the endemic primate in Borneo. We will never see this monkey in another place in Borneo. Long-tailed Macaque is quite easy to see in the river banks. Silvered Langur, Red-leaf Monkey or Pig-tailed Money are exotic primate even little bit difficult to see.  Kinds of bird, crocodile in the river banks, plant and blossom and if you have a time to do a night trekking, may you can see the smallest primate in the world, Tarsier. Small primate with a big eyes. We offered a wildlife experience, especially to see PRIMATE. Traveling in Tanjung Puting National Park is classified an easy trip with medium risk. Just lay down on the deck of houseboat “kelotok”, while enjoying a cup of coffee, you can explore the wildlife. Sometime, you can see a wild orangutan forraging on the canopy, Proboscis monkey jumping to the river then swimming accross the river for food reason, bird flying around and many things. Staying on the KELOTOK for 3d2n is unforgettable memory.
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