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 Are you eager to discover the beauty of Stockholm but you do not know how to start!?  I´ll do magic believe it or not Bibbidii Bobbidii Boo! :D I would like to help you getting the most exciting experience and unforgettable memories from Stockholm and Swedish culture. For one day (up to 4 hours), however I am flexible, I will be guiding you through this charming city, while telling you about its history, facts and characters.All in all what it makes it so beautiful and interesting. Now I want to challenge your knowledge about Sweden, Stockholm and the Swedish culture. To make it easier I give you some hints, however, do you dare to complete them!? Sweden population is around 9.9 million of people that.... Stockholm is the largest city in the country and.... Swedish is the official language of Sweden but there are some other influences such as.... Sweden government is a parlimentary democracy but it has a king from 1973 whose name is ... Fika and Lagom are two different words related with relax time, do you want to find out what do they mean? The most special Swedish holidays are Midsommar, Christmas and Easter that traditions consist of.... Abba, Astrid Lindgren or Ingmar Bergman are some of the major exporter of culture among .... Innovation is everywhere and some worldwide famous Swedish companies are... About 40 years ago it born the Stockholm syndrome, but what does it mean?  Still curious! Contact me to share my entusiasm and knowledge :)
3 Hours
15.00000+ USD
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