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Morning tour: 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM & Afternoon tour: 13:30 PM - 17:30 PM You will get a taste of the town and local culture through our eyes. Being on the back of a scooter is super convenient to move and travel beyond typical tourist spots to a local neighborhood where few tourists have a chance to experience   We take you to some historical points that are a bit off the beaten path in District 3, 10, 5, 6, and 11. Every district has different personalities. District 3 is well-known as the richest area during the American war. We visit a memorial monument, historical buildings, and outdoor local market. We then head to district 10 to see the brilliant colors of the downtown at the wholesale flower market. We not only see the flowers but also walk down small alleys that lead to the food market where you have to try one bowl of "Bun Mam" which is the typical noodle soup Mekong Delta people for your breakfast and taste different fresh fruits. Next up, a quick transfer to China town gathering in District 5,6, and 11. You will be blessed at one of the oldest and most fascinating temples in Saigon and see one of the biggest and best markets.   Finally, on the way back to the hotel we will stop by the coffee shop to enjoy local coffee and see a secret underground weapons cellar of the Viet Cong army right in the coffee shop. In addition, last but not at least, on the way back hotel I will let you see quickly some tourist spots like REUNIFICATION PlACE, POST OFFICE, NORTRE DAME CATHEDRAL and we also could drop you off at the WAR MUSEUM if you want to visit it instead of at your hotel.
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Our tour is only for every Sunday Our tour theme:  "No travel providers have given a tour like the one we will give you."     We focus on  Historic buildings of over 100 years old and their unknown stories; Streets of Japanese, Muslims, Korean and Chinese Vietnamese communities in Saigon; Iconic photos in Vietnam War and how their places look todạy ̣̣(to compare); Coffee and Food; Compare all the looks between the past and today; We use photos through the tour when we stop to tell you stories at each place. Saigon (modern Ho Chi Minh City) – ever called as ‘the Pearl of the Far East” or ‘Paris of the East’ during its time of being a French colony before 1954 for its unique mixture of natural green surroundings, beautiful streets, attractive buildings designed in the european architectural style and its modernity. Soon after the arrival of the French, new planning for this land was developed by the colonial government and a series of structures began to emerge such as Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral,Continental hotel, The Opera House, Norodom Palace (later Independence Palace), Ben Thanh Market etc. This city has experienced over 300 years of countless historical fluctuations. Our tour will take you to old historic buildings, of which some are more than 100 years old. Each building has its own stories going along with movements of the city history, spanning from the French colonial time, then Vietnam War to today. You will be told unique stories of theirs for each place we stop by. You will be shown pictures of streets at the time of more than 60 or 100 years ago to compare with the look they are today. In the Vietnam War 1954 - 1975, some photos were accidentally captured by international journalists and then have become the most iconic pictures of the war. A helicopter was precariously perching on the rooftop of a building picking up Americans and Vietnamese escaping the arrival of NVA troops or a tank crashed through the gate of the Independence Palace at the last minute of South Vietnam regime, they were all photo shot and become the most historical pictures of the Vietnam War. Now on our tour, you will be taken to the sites where those incidents happened to see what difference since then.  Saigon is the most populous city in Vietnam. As the largest and most crucial economic center, its populations has been added by dozen thousands of foreigners who work, live or travel in this city. As a result, many international communities have been developed, contributing in the cultural diversity of the city. We will visit some of the foreigner streets on this tour.  Another highlight is Vietnamese drink and food. Let's have an early morning street coffee and Pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup) for breakfast and then taste a nice big meal for lunch at a famous cuisine area. You will find drink and food here excellent.  There are many other highlights that will be amazing and unique experiences.  Our motorbike team is a group of people who deeply love Saigon. We can talk English and have an excellent knowledge of Saigon’s history and culture. We are made up of guides who are professionals, dynamic young students, locals as well as immigrants who are Saigon lovers.  We always focus on giving the best to you guys our tour partners.
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It is a fun ride around Saigon and learns more about the history of each famous sites and Vietnamese culture of local places from the unique perspective of our guides. Do you want to see a different side of Saigon? Let us take you out of District 1 and show you areas that most visitors do not get to see At 08:00 am our English speaking driver team will pick you up at your hotel or specified place. The first of the part, we will drive you to district 3 and stop at the corner to see learn about the mystery story of the Thich Quang Duc who burnt to protest the persecution of Buddhism by the South Vietnam government in 1963. After that, we continue on going to visit one of the most famous local wet markets and weave our way through alleys to come the biggest flower market where it supplies hundreds of kinds of flowers for the whole city. Almost all kinds of flowers are from Sadec city in the Mekong Delta. Stopping at a local coffee shop at the corner to enjoy Vietnamese coffee and look at hustle and bustle street. Go on visiting Thien Hau temple (the Lady of Sea) built by Chinese people in 1760 and all the materials were imported from China to Vietnam by boat. It is highly appreciated by people in China town (another name of district 5). We will drive pass by ornamental fish street, Medicine Street. Driving over the bridge connects District 5 and 8 to enjoy the contrast views between stilt houses along the riverside and high buildings. We keep getting on the back of the bike to explore the second Singapore where used to be the poorest district in Saigon then driving to a local coffee shop along the riverside to enjoy Vietnamese lunch in a cool atmosphere. After lunch, we will enjoy fresh coconut at the floating market, have a chat with locals who live on boat year-round. This is where plenty of boats from The Mekong Delta dock for selling its products. On the way your hotel, our licensed driver will drive you through eating alleys in the unique island surrounded by the Saigon River. It has been a place for immigrants from all regions of Vietnam to come and live. End of the tour and our English speaking drivers will say goodbye to you  HIGH LIGHT: - Thich Quang Duc statue - who burnt himself against the draconian policy of the South Vietnam Government - Local market – Vietnamese traditional market - The Nguyen Thien Thuat area - the old apartment in district 3 - The Biggest Flower market – District 10 -       The Cambodian market - Stop at the coffee shop to see how to make and drink Vietnamese coffee or enjoy tea with jam. - The China Town – District 5 - The Motorbike market -       The Animal market – Chicken and bird market - The Chinese traditional medicine market  - The Lantern market - The Ghost apartment - The Thien Hau temple - approximately 300 years old - The Binh Tay market – The biggest wholesale market. - The Floating market Try coconut and see how locals live in the boat. - The Slum area - See another life of local - Go to unique island in district 4
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Don't you like Seafood or Meat? Are you a Vegetarian or Vegan? Let us bring you to “The vegetarian tour” which most visitors don’t get to see or taste. ITINERARY We have “Vegan Morning Tour”, “Vegan Afternoon Tour” and “Vegan Night Tour” which start respectfully 8:00 AM, 12:30 PM, 5:00 PM and our tours last about 4 hours. Our guides will pick you up at your hotel’s address or specified place. First of all, We will bring you to the Vegan Restaurant, where you will enjoy vegan noodle  “Bun Thai Chay” or “Spring Roll” (Cha Gio). After filling some space in your stomach, we will drive you to Nguyen Thien Thuat areas, one of the most famous street food areas in Saigon with the considerable diversity in the style of the cuisine and local culture. This place is the integrated one which has lots of the residents from many parts of Vietnam to come here and live for a long time, that’s the reason why its cuisine is really fascinating and diverse. We will take a short walk to explore and understand more about the lifestyle of local people, the history, as well as many other stories about this building and enjoy some tropical fruits. We continue driving to the biggest flower market in Saigon. Almost all kinds of flowers which are sold here are from all parts of Vietnam and this market also the famous wholesale one of Ho Chi Minh City. Then we will drive you to China Town in district 5 which has the biggest market in Saigon and other markets, Chinese medicine street, ghost apartment, Lantern street . . . In addition, we also visit Thien Hau temple – over 300 years old. In China town, we visit the old apartment and enjoy tea with many kinds of Jam in the local coffee shop. (To “Vegan Night Tour”, We will arrive at Beverly Hill in District 7 instead) Next stop is visiting a floating market.  You will experience how local people live and purchase products on the boat. This is the place where all the products (tropical fruits, coconuts, vegetables…) are transferred from the Mekong Delta with a large quantity and high quality. Here, you will enjoy coconut juice on the boat and go around for a walk to hear the tour guide talk about the people’s lives here on the river. Then is district 4 – which is also known as the smallest district in Saigon and it’s like a small island surrounded by Saigon River. It has been a place for immigrants from all regions of Vietnam to come and live. It leads to the diversity in the characteristic of the populations and the cultural region as well. The guests will feel like they are lost in the food paradise with a unique cultural experience. The tour guide will stop at a Mushroom Hotpot restaurant for the guest to try “Mushroom Hotpot” (Lau nam). You will feel peace and quiet when sitting in the restaurant. Finishing the tour and driving back to your hotel or specified place that you want. Our friendly driver will say goodnight and put more happy smiles on you. Please note that “Vegan Tour” is offered on a group basis so there may be others guest joining you on the tour. For guests that do not want to go in a group, we also offer a private tour option for an extra charge. HIGH LIGHT We believe that food and drink are an important part of understanding a destination’s heritage, culture, and lifestyle. Especially, Vegetarian is the best way to stay healthy and fit. In this tour, we will show you a variety of vegetable foods in Viet Nam. You have a lot of chances to enjoy Vegan cuisine in Saigon. ·  Enjoy “Bun Thai chay” vegan noodle soup or “Spring Roll” ·  Visit the local market and Nguyen Thien Thuat areas ·  The biggest flower market. ·  The Thien Hau temple – approximately 300 years old. .   Enjoy Vietnamese coffee or tea with many kinds of Jam in China Town ·  The Lantern street. ·  The floating market – Drink sugarcane juice or coconut juice on Coffee Boat. ·  The Slum area – See another life of local ·  District 4 - The smallest and the most famous district for street food ·  Eating “Mushroom Hotpot” with many kinds of vegetable and noodles In the end, our tour guide will take you back to your hotel.
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