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Actually, Beer is very popular here in Vietnam and the same as anywhere else all over the world. So You’ll love The Craft Beer Tour which reveals the best craft breweries in town and see the city. We are going to sample a lot of delicious beer on this tour, but the goal is not to get drunk and this isn’t a pub crawl. This experience is all about the tastes, smells, and stories of beer. We will provide some light snacks, and we will relax and have a nice chat in each location. Come along with us for an experience that occupies all your senses. Engage your taste buds, your brain, and your soul on this 4-hour traveling, talking, and tasting tour where we will have the amazing opportunity to try different expertly crafted beers. In this tour, we always start at 5:00PM. It is the wonderful time to start the traveling. Our guides will pick you up at your hotel’s address or specified place. First stop, Our guides will bring you to a rooftop bar where you can enjoy a kind of beer while immersed in our picturesque sunset and use some snack. After that, we will drive you to Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, one of the most famous street food areas in Saigon with the considerable diversity in the style of the cuisine and local culture. This place is the integrated one which has lots of the residents from many parts of Vietnam to come here and live for a long time, that’s the reason why its cuisine is really fascinating and diverse. We will take a short walk to explore and understand more about the lifestyle of local people, the history, as well as many other stories about this building. We continue on driving to the biggest flower market in Saigon. Almost all kinds of flowers which are sold here are from all parts of Vietnam and this market also the famous wholesale one of Ho Chi Minh City. Next stop is always a favorite – A very local pub where you will eat a satisfying meal with sprouting egg, fried beef tendon and sample the Vietnamese craft beer called Frozen Beer.  Right here, you will witness the way of Vietnamese people taste beer and some of favorite beer brands in Viet Nam. Last and final stop is The CRAFT Beer PUB. We’ll be tasting two kind of unique beers brewed with strange and freaky names as the guides shares their craft story. You might be tempted to set up your own brew name. Finishing the tour and driving back to your hotel or specified place that you want. Our friendly driver will say good night and put more happy smiles on you. HIGH LIGHT - Rooftop bar to enjoy a pint glass of beer and the sunset. - Visit local market and Nguyen Thien Thuat area. - The biggest flower market. - Dinner and beer tastings at Local Vietnamese pub with sprouting egg and fried beef tendon and frozen beer. - Come to a Czech brewery and pub to taste 2 kinds of the unique beers brewed.
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Xin Chào! I am Lee, not Bruce Lee. I am a local TOUR GUIDE IN SAIGON who has big PASSION FOR VIETNAMESE FOOD AND HISTORY. Therefore, I would like to tell tourists bout local life, local food and history of my lovely city. Why I do organize FREE WALKING TOUR? I am also a teacher so that I organize  Free Walking Tour around Ho Chi Minh city/ Nightlife Street Food on Motorbike Tour to support not only bring tourists worldwide closer to the locals;  but also support students who want to improve their English for their future.  ******************************************** THERE ARE 3 OPTIONS FOR YOU: OPTION 1:  THE MORNING (4 hours) * Students will pick you up at your hotel in district 1,3 to at 7:30am. * Take taxi to Chinese Temple and walking into park to see local people do exercise; stop at coffee shop to try Vietnamese coffee and listen to birds singing; * Walk into alleyways to visit Secret Tunnel built 1965 in the center of city; Then walk to the statue of Thich Quang Duc monk who was burn by himself to fight again South Vietnam in 1963.  * Walk to War Museum and say good bye student. OPTION 2:  THE AFTERNOON (4 hours) * The students will meet you at lobby of the hotel at 1.30 pm  * Take taxi or walk to War Museum; * Walk to Reunification Palace *Walk to Notre Dame Cathedral and post office; * Walk to Roof Top Of Last Helicopter landing to evacuate people on 30th April 1975;  * Walk to take photo of Opera House; City Hall;  * Walk to highest of Bitexco Tower  to see whole view of City or Ben Thanh Market for shopping; OPTION 3:  FREE AND EASY: The student will follow your itinerary or what do you want !!!! NOTE:   1. TOURISTS WILL COVER ALL THE TICKET FOR STUDENTS 2.PLEASE TIP STUDENT AT THE END OF TOUR
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