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80% foreigners once came to Vietnamese have claimed that they would never come back. We understand that, because most of the tours and trips they were on are generally superficial. And it is a huge pity because you guys do not have the chance to experience the Vietnamese lifestyle we are deeply proud of. That is why with all our heart and soul, we creat this trip, not a tour or a service, to welcome you to our dear hometown. For you to eat, live, play... as a truly Vietnamese person. Ben Tre is located at the end of Mekong Delta river, Ben Tre is deposited with full of alluvium which attributes to its evergreen coconut gardens. Ben Tre is also gifted with lots of small rivers flowing under the shade of Nipa (Water coconut tree), which attributes to the fresh atmosphere and the feelings of true peacefulness. Going on this trip to Ben Tre, you will have a chance to make everything done on your all, including: Making and Cooking Cục cake – a traditional cake of Ben Tre, wrapped in smelly leaves and eaten with silky coconut sauce, leaves you an unforgettable taste whenever you eat it. Experiencing the wood chopping and learn to make a fire from them Learning the way people here travel around: Paddling on a boat!! Imagine you holding a paddle and riding a boat along the river stream! Experiencing an ‘unique’ way of fish catching: Bail the water of out the  'Mương' (man-made small lake), when the water runs out, the fish will appear for you to catch by your Hands! You will get Fish! You will get Dirty! You will get a BUNCH of fun!! Making fire by yourself to Grill the fish!! and taste the freshest fish meat ever! Exclusively for this tour only: Tropical fresh fruits, Nipa (water coconuts – totally different from land coconut for sure!) and Boiled Sweet Bananas (tastes strange at 1st but addictive later!). Cozy lunch with Big Grandma! Forget about the ‘Vietnamese Speciality Food’ you’ve read on review pages, this is the truly food Vietnamese people enjoy everyday!!
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Oneday when you reallly tired and bored by the noisy cities, you want to escape from them and hide yourself in another world where you can feel the peaceful life, you can see so many boats on the long rivers, the green cover everyewhere. Let me take you to get there!! I am sure that my tour is extremely different with other tours because I am a local girl (I was born and grew there). What are the differences of my tour?. Let's read and compare, you will have your answer - Firstly, Almost tours which you find will get there by bus or car but, with my tour you can choose BUS or MOTORBIKE. I will pick you up at your hotel.  + IF you want to go by BUS, when we get there, I will drive you by my MOTORBIKE or TAXI ( you can choose) to travel there because I am a local, I can have a motorbike at the moment our bus stop. The duration will be longer than the duration for going by motorbike because we can choose the last bus and during the time we wait, I can drive you to go around BEN TRE City and eat some delicious foods. + IF you want to go by MOTORBIKE, I will be your safe driver. Especially, I can stop anywhere for you to take some photos ( because the VIEWS on the road will be very nice!!). Traveling by MOTORBIKE will bring to you great experience!!! - Secondly, I will have a SMALL GIFT for you . It will be a cup of COFFEE. I will buy COFFEE at the COFFEE HOUSE where is very very very FAMOUS with the local people  but almost travelers, tour creators or traveling company do not know about it. I assure you that you will LIKE and also, you will want to buy a little coffee to send your acquaintances like a gift from Vietnam. SPECIAL COFFEE you should try!!! - Thirdly, After you finish some SPECIFIC ACTIVITIES, such as: Sailing boat on Mekong river, visiting coconut factory, eating fruits, drinking tea with lemon and honey, .... ( just like the other tours), I can OFFER you a LUNCH MEAL with a LOCAL FAMILY ( my family). It will be FREE for you. After that, if you want, we will go around local family's garden ! - Next, I will drive you to INDUSTRIAL MARKET. this market is near INDUSTRIAL PARK, and you can find ALL SPECIFIC FOODS in MEKONG DELTA with the prices are more cheaper than the prices in Ho Chi Minh City. - Finally, If we a have free time before we have to come back Ho Chi Minh City or if you request, I can drive you to go around there by MOTORBIKE. Especially, I will drive you to go on the road which is full with COCONUT TREES and RICE FIELDS. ESPECIALLY, I'D LIKE TO OFFER YOU A DISCOUNT IF YOU GO WITH MORE THAN ONE PERSON!
10 Hours
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I know there are so many tours to Mekong Delta, but I would like to show you some reasons for choosing my trip. I and my family are local family in Mekong Delta. My parents are living there as farmers with a small bread store in the morning and a grape fruit garden, so what are more exciting than the experiences with local's life style? We are welcome you as a member in our family and of course, we always have a room to share with you in our home. I would like to offer you two ways to get there, by BIKE or LONG BUS. I am always willing to be your driver :D because I drive back there every weekend, you can enjoy the views on the way better. Bike will be a good choice if you would like to stay one day and one night there, but if you only have one day, I highly recommend you a very comfortable long Bus, then I will still have a Bike to drive you around there. If you would like to taste some traditional Vietnamese foods or you are gonna to join a class here, so now you will not need to do this if you book my trip. It's great if you can get up early to go to local market with me, pick up some materials and learn how to cook these tradition foods with the chief is my Mom and your assistant is me :D I get a menu for you as below pics My trip is the best way for you to get away from a trip with many other tourist and follow the tour guide during your trip. No, I am not your tour guide, I am your local friend, so I would like to experience with you on sailing boats to the islands, sit back on the horse wagon, visit coconut candy mills, selling breads, etc, All things I can do my best to show you This is ONE DAY trip, but I really recommend that you should spend 2 DAYS and ONE NGHTS here to enjoy the peaceful atmostphere as long as the traditional cuisines of local. So please contact me to get more info about the accomodation at my house for your best choice :D
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