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Two days won't be long in the coffee capital of Vietnam and the small village of Highland ethnic group. We will go to the Highland (Daklak province) by bus from Saigon around 7PM. It takes about 7 hours on the bus to get to the coffee capital. We will rest/shower... then have breakfast (Phở, Bún Bò, Miếng Gà...) after that we will explore the ancient coffee shop where you can see full of ancient stuff that people used it in the past and have a cup of coffee with a real locals way. Then we go to the coffee farm so that you can see people harvest coffee beans and coffee farm in person (if in harvest time). It takes almost 10 months to harvest the coffee beans and a long process to get a cup of coffee and in the afternoon we will visit one of the local coffee makers in the village, Therefore she will show us the whole process of making coffee from dry coffee beans to the coffee that we can drink daily. In the evening we will have pancakes/ Bún Cá Dầm or Mì Quảng... for dinner, after dinner we just relaxing after the journey at the place that local people bring their families to hang out and relax which means you will see a lot of children playing. The second day we will start around 8AM to go to thebeautiful Dray Nur, Dray Sap waterfalls, relaxing, swimming and explore the jungle. We will see how the ethnic group lives and have traditional food, we might be able to learn how to make it. Before going back we might visit the Zoo to see the Elephants and other animals. And go back home to get ready for the bus at night around 6:30PM to go back to Saigon.
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Are you having only a few days in Saigon and feel like you are missing out on amazing Vietnamese food? Fear not, for we are here to feed you. Join us on this adventure through the city and sample delicious food and drink that are loved by local.  Taste your way through the fascinating history of Saigon, stopping in 5-8 restaurants to sample unique Viet cuisines.  Dishes may include:  - Cơm Tấm (Broken rice with pork chop & egg cakes)  - Bánh Khọt (Mini Pancake with shrimp and coconut milk) - Cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese Coffee)  - Bún Bò Huế ( Beef noodles soup from Huế) - Chuối Nếp Nướng (Grilled bananas wrapped with sticky rice)  - Bánh Cuốn (Steam rice cake)  - Bánh Phồng Nướng (Grilled ginger pancake)  - Bánh Mì (Vietnamese baguette) - Chè Hạt Sen (Lotus sweet soup)  - Kem Dừa (Coconut Ice cream)  - Bánh bột lọc (Vietnamese shrimp dumplings)  Please bring Vietnam Dong cash to treat yourself at each stop (VND 15K-35K). I'll provide coffee in our 1st stop. We will also explore a guitar street, a communist apartment blocks in Saigon, a vibrant local flower market and an unofficial Cambodian neighborhood.  Besides, this is an eco tour so all plastic products are replaced with paper, bamboo or reusable products.  Finally, you will get a real insight into the Vietnamese way of life and gain an understanding of Vietnam that only a local could offer.  The tour will last 3 hours - we'll walk 10 minutes between each restaurant.
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*Viet Nam is really one of the most beautiful and peaceful country in the world .  * Viet Nam has a very history , over 5.000 years . Viet Nam has a lots of beautiful natural , historical and cultural sights where was recognized by UNESCO as The World Heritage Sites .  * Especially , Viet Nam has a very long coastline which is over 3.270 km in length with a lots of beautiful and peaceful beach destinations in the world . So , Viet Nam has a lots of fresh and cheap seafood as well .  * And especially , the weather in Viet Nam is tropical monsoon , so that ,there is four season per year in Viet Nam nowadays . So , Vietnamese people can plant a lots of fresh vegetables , fresh potatoes as well as many kind of fresh fruits as well .  So that , traditional Vietnamese cuisine is really very fresh , diversity and healthy as well .  ** Traveler has chance to go to local market with Our professional English speaking local Chef expert , and learn more about Our traditional custom that how to bargain at local market whenever you go there for shopping as well .  * At local market where local people can sell everything , such as : fresh vegetables , fresh potatoes , spicy , fresh fish  , fresh chicken , duck , meat , fresh shrimp , lobster , crab , octopus , squid  , and , food ,    clothes , souvenirs , luggage , suitcase , hand bag so on.....  *Traveler has chance to learn how to traditional bargaining  of Vietnamese people  at a local market in Viet Nam .  *Especially , traveler has chance to learn how to cook some traditional Vietnamese dishes as well as to enjoy it  , such as : deep fried spring rolls  and fresh spring rolls , catfish cook in clay pot with spicy sauce , fried chicken with ginger and spicy sauce  , fried rice cook with seafood that wrapped in lotus leaf so on,...  * Traditional Vietnamese cuisine is truly very fresh , diversity and healthy as well . 
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