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Hi every one. I'm June, I'm 25 and I'm single. I'm an easy-going girl, open-minded, always for new challenges, to meet new people and to discover something different from people all over the world. I graduated from university last year and am having a job now, it's kind of clerical job. In the mean time, I am interested in being a guide for people who want to visit Danang city. I can suggest you places for you to visit and some special foods. If You want to hang out with me, just ask me. I have to work in the daytime ( from monday to sat) but I'm free in the night time. I decided to become a triip creator because working as a tour guide was my dream job when I was a child and I think can help fulfill that dream.

Mai created

"I will listen to your opinion first and tailor our itinerary to meet your requirements. In my proposed itinerary, if you only have 1 or 2 days in Danang city, there are some special places where you should visit, otherwise it would be almost as if you never visited here. Firstly, we will visit Linh Ung Pagoda, which is the largest pagoda in Da Nang in terms of scale and artistic architecture. The Pagoda is famous for its beautiful 67-metre-tall Goddess of Mercy statute standing on a lotus-shaped platform. Secondly, Ba Na hills, is a must-visit and it would be even better if u could spend a night here. Ba Na Hills is absolutely wonderful, romantic and enjoyable at any time of the day; good food, fresh air, mild weather, an amazing view from the hill peak, an amusement park and cable cars giving you an amazing trip from the ground to its peak (don't worry, it's 100% safe!). Next, we will go sightseeing at My Khe beach, which is one of the most idyllic beaches in Da Nang city. Tourists from all over the world come here for convalescence and relaxation. Last but not least, I will show you the 4 special bridges that make Da Nang city more awesome in the eyes of any travellers. They are especially beautiful when viewed at night because of the unique lights that come along. And at 9pm every Saturday and Sunday, you will even observe a fire-breathing dragon that almost seems as if it came out of a storybook."- This is my idea trip for you guy here in Danang but most of my tour is at night time so let's me show you more specific itinerary as below:  From monday - Saturday: At 6 p.m: I will pick you up at your hotel ( if 1 person booking); If more than 1 person I need to book a grab car or you can rent a motorbike (you have to pay transportation fee for a car). 6.30 p.m: I will take you to dinner place and it's up to your preference on food, I will recommend and it's your choice. You can look down my list and point out what kind of food you enjoy. Most of them are street foods or local foods that can show you how amazing Danang cuisine are. Note:( my fee is not including dining charge) 7-7.30 pm: We can start our journey on my motorbike. i will take you around the city center and pass over 4 special bridges - one of the landmark of Danang city and head to the beach ( if it is not rainy/ strong windy) we can take a walk along My Khe beach. Danang city is even much more spectacular at night. You have to check it :) or we can take a walk a long Han river I can share lots of story and we  8.30 pm: After a long walk we can get some drink together( this time Let's me pay for ya) At 9p.m on Sat/Sun: you will have a chance to see a fire-breathing dragon.    2. On Sunday:  Our trip will start at 2 p.m and finish at 5 p.m:  At 2 p.m: I will pick you up at your hotel ( if 1 person booking); If more than 1 person I need to book a grab car or you can rent a motorbike (you have to pay transportation fee for a car). 2.30 pm: I will bring you around the city center for the city view on my motorbike and then we will visit Linh ung pagoda/the Cathderal ( It's up to you). 4 p.m: After a long walk let's me grab some drink for us. This time it is my pay ^^ or you can choose to try some local foods. haha, It's will be hard for ya because there are tons of yummy foods here. This is my planned list and there are many available plan though, just let's me know your thought and we can disscuss and bring out the most awesome trip. Let's me bring Danang city into your heart ^^
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