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My name is Lily and I was born and raised in Cambodia I speak fluent English. My slogan is: “Nothing is impossible…everything is possible” I was a country fixer for many TV production teams and I know how to deal with difficult situations. Iam married 13 years with Andre, a dutchman. If I go on a tour then there will be always food and drinks around. As like the most Cambodian, I love delicious food. We offer a fully tailor-made service so if you would like any changes made to the quotation then please let me know. I can keep refining the proposal until we have created your perfect holiday.

Lily created

Don’t forget to set your alarm: pick-up time is between 8am and 8.30am at your hotel! Once everyone’s on board, we head out of Siem Reap (the city) and drive to the beautiful countryside area. There, we cycle along the red soil roads through some splendid villages ( don’t worry, it’s a nice and peaceful ride and flat the whole way ) . On our way, we stop by the local fish market where you can watch (and take part in?) traditional Khmer daily fish trading. After the ride, we take a small break to get a refreshing and well-deserved drink. The day is far from over though! Our journey carries on with the visit of one of the most impressive floating village in Cambodia: Kompong Khleang. We will board a boat and discover the village. At some point, your stomach will start rumbling… Worry not! That’s when we take you to a stilt house in the village to share a typical Khmer lunch with friendly locals. After that we’ll head to the Vietnamese floating village. The Vietnamese village is not like the rest of Kompong Khleang, in that it is not composed of stilt houses. The houses there are built on floating objects and therefore float on the Tonlé Sap. The Vietnamese village moves along the river (and sometimes up to the lake) according to the season and is something you’ve most likely never seen before. You’ll get to see the floating school, hospital and local shops (they even have a hair dresser!)… An amazing sight, we promise! The program may change a bit as our tour leader can decide day by day what is the best option, depending on the weather, the ability of our guests to ride a bicycle, and other matters that may lead him to decide to change the itinerary.. We’re generally back in Siem Reap around 5 pm, depending on the number of guests (up to 12) and their interest (interaction, speed on the bicycle…), so you may get back to your hotel a bit earlier or a bit later!
8 Hours
49.00 ETH
This morning you will depart by jeep for the magnificent UNESCO world heritage site, the ancient temples of Angkor Wat. We have scouted and researched some back roads to the temples which still exist, taking you you away from the tuk-tuk and busses, giving you a much more beautiful and relaxing trip to the temples. With a little imagination, today’s journey will allow you to truly picture the lost temples the way they have lain for thousands of years. An English speaking guide will take you through the historical park where you visit majestic structures to take in the grandeur of the ancient Kingdom. Most of the temples originate from the 12th century and house some of the most anticipated bas reliefs and beautiful sculptures such as garudas and apsara dancers. First you will visit the talismanic temple of Angkor Wat, the biggest of all the temples, which has survived the sands of time and remained in marvelous condition. Here you will be able to marvel at its dominating towers and sheer presence, as you take your rime walking around inside. Next you will continue to Angkor Thom, with the spectacular Bayon temple. Here 54 intricate and visually stunning four-headed Buddha statues will eye you as you walk round this quite magnificently preserved temple, truly one of the most impressive sights of the temple complex. Lunch will be taken near the manmade lake of East Baray, designed and constructed to supply the temple complex with its water. After lunch and a short rest to recharge, you will visit the Ta Phrom temple. Made famous by the box office hit film “Tomb Raider” with Angelina Jolie, the temples iconic trees have slowly taken over with their gigantic roots embracing the walls and creating a visually striking and unique setting, providing a stunning finish to your day of “templing”.
8 Hours
55.00+ ETH