Nguyen Phuc Tai


I'm a student at the University of Technical Education. I can speak English. I'm an easy-going person with an affable personality, one who makes friends with ease. I developed a passion for back-packing as part of my desire to travel places, especially around my country. The cities and locations I know well are Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau Beach,among others; so I know exactly where to take you. If u are a back-packer and require strong local knowledge, call me. I could assist you with locating hostels, exploring locales where you can enjoy the cool weather, breeze and sunshine. Best of all, it's FREE. Even for those travelling with families, you can be assured of a safe and pleasing experience – the five families for whom I’ve been a guide upto now would stand testimony my service. Your SATISFACTION will be GUARANTEED.

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