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Baduy is Indonesian tribes who living in Banten Province,  West Java.  They called themselves as Kanekes,  are traditional Bantenese community.  It's the only one tribe in Banten Province. Most of the Baduy people living in the hilly mountain. The village of Baduy and their culture are very fantasticand pure.  They have own rules life and prohibits all kinds of modern life.  No fight,  wise nd honest is such symbol of Baduy culture.  I have been to Baduy since 2011 until now.  It was not easy to close with them at first time.  After some years and many times to visit Baduy People.  They can close to me and trust me as well.  Like having a new family,  they ever visited to my house by walking from their village to Jakarta.  Yes,  it's one of Inner Baduy rules for not using transportation wherever they go.  Here,  I would like foreigner come too visit and see how is Baduy people and lively close to them.  I  offered many experience you can get from this trip. Here is:  Stay overnight at Baduy House (traditional bamboo house) - Visit 4 villages of 53 villages Baduy community - Cross one of the famous traditional bamboo bridge - Visit Lumbung Paddy (wooden stock) which Baduy community can save the rice more than 15 years - See the Baduy woman make woven clothMake bracelet from skin wood (Baduy handmade) - Take shower and swimming in the river - All night without electricity and signal - Tasting brown sugar as Baduy snack - The kids of Baduy forbidden to go to schoo - And many experiences
2 Days
48.00000 USD
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