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Hi everyone, my name is John, I am 26 years old and I live in Bangkok. I'm graduated in 2013 in International Relations. I can fluently speak Thai, English and a few words in Bahasa Malaysia. I have a number of foreigner friends and I love to share my experience to them. Three words to describe me are friendly, funny, flexible. Please let me know anything that I may help you.

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We will take a private van to this area. It is about 1.30 hours from Bangkok.  Help a small fishing community restore their livelihood. This former fishing village has been severely impacted by over-fishing and destruction of mangrove forests for shrimp farming. Over the years, this has meant the slow death of the community as fishing became impossible. As a result, they started a small Community Based Tourism (CBT) program, and this social business, allows the local people to restore their livelihood and community while also providing a fun and interesting experience for tourists. Our presence not only allows this way of life to continue, but by replanting mangrove trees where many important species grow before heading out to the open sea, we will be maintaining this for future generations 08.00 a.m. meet at your residence or hotel Travel to the village Learn about the issues and travel to see their way of life including aquaculture. Lunch will be in one of their houses in the middle of the sea. After lunch, head to the estuary to plant mangrove trees, expect to get dirty. Clean up and head out to the market. In the afternoon we will head to the Amphu Wa Floating Market. Probably the most picturesque and famous floating market among Thai people. We will arrive there mid-afternoon and you will have around 2 hours to explore. What to Bring: Towel, Change of clothes, Swimming costume, Camera, Hat , Sandals  This is the place that you will gain the real experience from local Thai. Join me! 
7 Hours
100,0 SGD