Ekaterina Korchagina


So Istanbul! I was born in Kazakhstan. And then I fell in love with Istanbul eight years ago. And now I live here. I love this city. He is like a box with treasures, constantly discovering something new. Ready all fall in love with this city. I can tell and show interesting places, routes. I love the place, a few days in which you experience the feeling of a great journey. In Istanbul, you can feel it as in any other city of three great civilizations, the three seas, the two continents - it seems even the air is thick and moves in a different way.

Ekaterina created

4 days off-season in Istanbul Void off-season is the best time that would catch the mood: the right to try street food, go to the shops of artisans, learn amazing oriental tiles and mosaics. For all the intensity of our program, it will not turn into a grueling walk: walk on water, tea gardens, bazaars will alternate with museums and monuments, going to the hammam, pleasant feasts and rest in a cozy hotel. I can help you with the choice of Suzane, carpets and pointy slippers, we take care of buying gifts for the new year, sweets and spices, pass a master class in the holiday package, go to visit the local designers. We will try to understand how the Istanbul and leave with a sense of wonder revealed to us. 1 DAY.  We get to know. pomle lunch, we start our journey from antiquity: go to the Hippodrome, which lies a short history of the Roman Empire. We will talk about the origin of the city and its material culture, the great Roman Empire, which has absorbed antiquity. Next we will go to the Archaeological Museum, where we will watch this antiquity. We will go out and look at the surrounding handicraft shops. And if you will force the great palace mosaic look. DAY 2.  Start the day with a dizzying Hagia Sophia, the main imperial palace - Topkapi, which will focus on the tiles, and then look at the showroom of Iznik for exploring contemporary crafts. We are sailing on a boat on the Golden Horn in Eyüp and after dinner go to the Grand Bazaar for gifts. And at the end of the day we go to the hammam to reset all the tiredness and recharge forces to new experiences. 3 DAY.  Learning from European and secular Istanbul Galata Istiklal, Flower Passage. We climb the tower to understand how the city will talk about Istanbul on 20 and 21 st centuries. Go to Flower Passage for antiques and memories. Walk through the district with a junk shop and designer shops. After lunch we go to the Museum of Modern Art and to the Egyptian market for sweets and spices. Day 4.  In the morning we go to Brown - to try street food, a walk along the Bosphorus, take a look at the antique market
4 Days
700,00000 SGD