Prita Larasati


Hi my name is Pita, born in Jakarta. I am very easy to get bored staying in a same place for a long term, but I lived and worked here. That is why I tried to find some new exciting places to visit, even if in this city where famous for traffic jam. I run my fashion business, I am artsy and edgy, likes to play around hang out with friends, and just have fun with life. In serious days I will be in front of laptop, surfing for whole hours in a box, so I know how to have fun out of the box, while there's not so many things to offer. I have many friends and business colleagues from different countries, and In my previous job I was working also as Expatriate coordinator where sometimes I will show them about Jakarta and everything as probably most of them have never been to this country before, and they were pleased. Believe me I know almost everything. So if you coming here, I will make sure your characteristic and needs. I don't like to waste my time, because in business time is money. So I will make sure that each time is packed and worth. I like making new friends so I will treat you just like my friend. So don't worry be happy. See you.

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