Lê Văn Khải


Hi every one! My name is Khải, can call me name Brian (i like this name), now i'm student. I really want to meet up a lot of friends and hang out with them, especially i want to make friend with a lot of foreigners when they visit Sai Gon. I’m a student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology , I’ve been Sai Gon 6 years and now i living in Distric 5, Ho Chi Minh near Ben Thanh market. I'm willing to help foreigners when they want to visit my city . I’m proud of my country because of famous places to discover, a lot of famous food to taste and historical legends that I can show you. When you come to Sai Gon, I’m a local in SaiGon and I know a lot of information about places clearly, I can take you to the famous places and introduce you famous street food .If you in Ho Chi Minh city,i very glad to receive information you. I am a person very funny, energetic and loves to introduce people, nature, scenery, cuisine of Viet Nam to you. My number WhatSapp : **************

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