Vy Nguyen


Vy (pronounce as letter "V") is my name. I am working in Sai Gon and have been staying here for almost 8 years. I work as social worker who organizes and facilitates voluntary projects in the south part of Vietnam. As the characteristics of my job, I have the chance to meet a lot of friends from all over the world who came to Vietnam as international volunteers. One of the most important part in any voluntary program is introducing to my friends about the local things at the places which includes culture, history, pagoda, food, lifestyle, stories, ... so that my friends are able to engage and understand deeply about the place they choose to come. And for me, traveling is not only sightseeing on the surface, shopping at the mall but also get to know well about what is the local life, to deep in it, to say "wow", to have strong impression at the end. That is the most important thing to enrich our experiences and make us open mind more.

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