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Hana Tourist runs on the passion, enthusiasm, dedication, and knowledge of a group of young travelers, and particularly enjoy making new friends from all over the world. We do tours not only for profit, but also to change the way people see Vietnam. That’s why, on our tours, you won’t just see the sites from behind a bus window. We’re about stepping into the community, and understanding how we, as guests, can better connect with this place and our Vietnamese people. We aim to provide the very best in information and services to make your holiday or short break easy and enjoyable to arrange. We truly love Vietnam, and wish to show you the best Vietnam has to offer. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge of the travel scene in Vietnam and are more than happy to assist you in your travel plans. Just Travel with us and have a memorable holiday in Vietnam.

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02-DAY MEKONG LAND AND WATER TOUR CAI BE –VINH LONG COOKING CLASS – SAMPAN BOAT- BANG LANG STORK SANCTUARY – CAN THO – CAI RANG FLOATING MARKET + BIKING IN COUNTRYSIDE The Mekong Delta is a region in southwestern Vietnam where the mighty Mekong River, a river that runs through six different countries in Southeast Asia, empties out into the sea. The Delta is an incredibly interesting and important region, covering more than 15,000 square miles. It’s biologically diverse, with over 1,000 different animal species. It’s the agricultural heart of southern Vietnam. And it’s also one of the most important fishing regions in all of Vietnam. Being a world afloat, Mekong Delta is a water world where boats, houses and markets float upon the numerous rivers, canals and streams that traverse the landscape like channels. The Mekong delta province of Can Tho is best known for its endless green rice fields and abundant orchards. The beautiful scenery is ornamented by thousands of storks spreading their wings against the sunset sky in Bang Lang Stork garden. Meanwhile, a quick stop at Kimmy Chocolate, the Southern’s largest handcrafted chocolate manufacturer, located in Tien Giang, where provides stable cocoa raw material, shall be an interesting experience. Taking a 2-day trip to the Mekong Delta with Tien Giang and Can Tho provinces is something you should definitely consider once deciding to have an enough search on this peaceful land.
2 Days
180.0 USD