Dzung Ngoc


My name is Dzung. I have been a motorbike tour guide for 20 years. I also have a small cozy coffee shop in Danang. During 20 years of my career of being a motorbike tour guide, I have developed a strong passion for traveling and exploring all of the corners of my beautiful Vietnam. I have met wonderful people too and gained friendship with them for a lifetime. Many travelers told me that although they enjoyed the motorbike trip organized by tour agencies, they were not comfortable with a fix schedule and did not have enough time to experience the culture deeply in the areas they visited. Budget is also a concern. This encouraged me to set up my own service to provide motorbike tours. Even though I sometimes work part time for some travel agencies, I have been working on my own for 13 years. I care for my customers so that often times I spend time sitting and talking with them before any decisions are made.

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