Matthias Kriebel


The startup i cachr and the idea about sightseeing treasure hunt was created by Elizabeth and Matthias. Our passion is to study abroad and to travel. After we finished our studies in pedagogic in Spain, we decided to combine another passion of our life, Geocaching and treasure hunting. The idea of a sightseeing treasure hunt was born. From our pedagogical perspective we don't see the cultural space we are moving in during the tour as an unidirectional and passive construct between Guide and tourist. Nor do we just see it as an educational setting of transmitting information and facts. Moreover in our holistic perspective the cultural space needs to be explored and experienced. Each one is perceiving the cultural space with different mechanism and associations. We want to use that diversity and capacity to attach positive emotions to the experiences. For that we have a eclectic assemble of playful riddles and the flexibility to adapt the time and duration to the customers' need.

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