Serey Siv


Khmer-Canadian photographer and barista living in Siem Reap Cambodia.

Serey created

I offer one of the most unique services in Siem Reap — experience the city on two wheels with me onboard my 2016 Honda Wave! Instead of going around aimlessly, discover the different facets of the city with an English/French/Japanese speaking guide! For every extra person in the tour, I will assign them to my family members living in Siem Reap, but you can always request a tuk tuk. My customers are my friends, and I want everyone visiting Siem Reap to leave happy!  If you're into eating, let's taste some of the most famous Cambodian dishes from local street food stands to popular restaurants amongst Khmer locals! If you're into vegan food, I can show you the most famous spots for yummy vegan dishes! If you're into the countryside life and adventures, I'll take you to the floating village and we'll go up Krom mountain by scooter (the best spot in Siem Reap for sunsets)! We can also visit the Tonle Sap and the Lotus Flower field and much more! If you're into art, I'll take you to the best traditional and contemporary art galleries in town and much more! If you're into coffee or tea, I'm actually a barista and I'll make you the best coffee in Siem Reap or I can bring you to the best tea shop in Siem Reap! If you're into local craftwork, I'll bring you to small boutiques and workshops around inside and outside the city such as Ammo or the Silk Farm! If you're into street or travel photography, I'll take you to the best possible spots for a short photo walk and/or take you to the best landscapes spots around town! If you want to learn Khmer, I'll teach you a few things you need to know in order for you to get around Cambodia! If you want to learn how to drive the scooter, I'll teach how to change gears and drive safely! Basically, your trip is fully customizable. We can plan the trip carefully — or just wing it for the sake of having fun. Ask me anything!
3 Hours
35.0 USD