Sharif Ahmad Shabbir


Native Bangladeshi born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and brought up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Interests in education & media. Tokusatsu fan. Travel enthusiast. Loves to smile & dream big. I decided in becoming a Triip Creator to offer tours in and around Dhaka to utilize my free time. Most tours in Bangladesh are centered outside the capital Dhaka. Considering Dhaka's bad traffic, many travelers tend to skip Dhaka and travel elsewhere in Bangladesh. But Dhaka also has its uniqueness as a travel destination that blends history with modernity. I would like to show that uniqueness of Dhaka to travelers coming to the city so they can know that Dhaka is much more than just traffic chaos. The tours I will be offering to travelers will give them a chance to experience Dhaka with a localized touch and will be mostly offered on Fridays and other government holidays in Bangladesh when traffic in Dhaka is not as crazy as normal working hours during hectic weekdays.

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