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Hello everyone My name is Irena. I am licensed tour guide for the territory of Republic of Macedonia. It would be my honor to help you experience the yet to be experienced, to discover the yet to be discovered. Welcome to Macedonia!

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Dear Travelers, My goals is to welcome you as a guide, but at the end of tour to finish our journey with "Until next time FRIEND" .  My name is Irena. I am licensed Tour Guide for the territory of Republic of Macedonia.  Let me introduce you to my country, Republic of Macedonia.  Republic of Macedonia is an independent country, situated in the heart of the well-known Balkan Pninsula. Macedonia shares its borders with Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Greece and Bulgaria. These countries are the neighbors . 80 % of the landscape is consisted  from mountains. There are 35 rivers, 43 lakes, from which 3 tectonic, 25 glacial, and 15 artificial. The official language is Macedonian and the official alphabet is the Macedonian-Cyrillic consisted of 31 letters. The present currency is the Macedonian Denar ( do not confused it with the Serbian dinar). How do you get there? There are every day bus lines from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the nearby countries. The main airport is the one in Skopje, the capital. Alexander the Great is the name of the airport from which every day there are departures to numerous world destinations ( all over the continents ) . Mainly people from Europe come with the following air companies:  WizzAir, Lufthansa, Turkish airlines, Croatia Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Adria Airways, Air Berlin and so on ) Here is the official page : Is it save to visit? The last war conflict was in 2001. Since then Macedonia is in general peace. As you will read below, Macedonia is one mosaic consisted from so various pieces but every each of them is special. Different people, religions, languages but they all live under the same sun. No worries, it is completely save to visit Macedonia. How expensive is it? If you are coming from Europe, than you can easily find very cheap flights, mostly via WizzAir ( even for 20 euros) . Accommodation- you can find very comfortable and affordable places to stay at. All of them are published on so you can freely use it. Food- you can have the cheapest meal in your life and yet I insure you, it’s going to be the one of the best and most flavorful. Now, what to expect:  If you like never ending legends and stories, if you like to see one colorful history mosaic, if you want to taste various flavors, if you are admired by natural beauty then Macedonia is the place you are searching for. Best way to find out is to check it yourself. So are you ready? We are going to travel with a time machine, from the time of the Paleolithic era, trough the era of Alexander the Great , trough the time of the Roman empire, the beginnings of the Christianity and the Byzantine empire, the holy period of Saint Cyril and Methodius, Saint Kliment and Naum Ohridski, the medieval age, trough the period of the Ottoman Empire, the Balkan Wars, The kingdom of Jugoslavia, The First and Second WW, until the very present day, Republic of Macedonia. Feeling dizzy from this time machine? Take your time, and enjoy the nature. Rest your eyes with the view of the Ohrid Lake, the deepest on the Balkans and one of the oldest and deepest in the world, with its age of 4 million years. Take a deep breath from the woods of the National Park Pelister, Galicica or maybe you prefer Mavrovo. Drink some fresh water from the springs of the Ohrid Lake. You can also take a glass of wine from the numerous wineries from the Povardarie region. But, nice glass of wine goes with nice meal. Suit yourself. Pastrmka ( Ohridksa od Mavrovska), Tavce Gravce, Ajvar, Staffed chicken, Sharska, Melted Cheese, Grilled Cheese. Green Paprika with vinegar and garlic….. Feeling full? Not yet, it’s time for dessert . Ravanija, Baklava, Ekler, Bombici, Indijanka, Boza,…. Now we can take a cup of black coffee and enjoy. You liked this while reading it? Imagine experiencing it 
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