Fabulous Mekong Eco-Tours


We are formed by young ambitious individuals who have been working as local tour guides. We provide tour service in Can Tho including FLOATING MARKET TOUR, CULTURE TOUR, FOODIE TOUR, MOTORCYCLE TOUR, especially CYCLING TOUR. We excitedly decided to open our own bussiness. Therefore, we get to operate the tour packages that provide the “real” authentic experience travelling in the Mekong delta to our genuinely curious tourists. Confidently, we get to say that we can do a better job at giving our tourists a good time than most of those money-is-the-only-thing-matters-to-us agencies. Initially, our plans are to target the Mekong delta as our main active business market. As we truly fell in love with this beautiful city, Can Tho, after years of making it our home, we focus on setting up our own tour service here. All of those are specifically designed to give our foreign visiters an insight look at our Vietnamese culture and our lives.

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