Mekong Trails Travel


Mekong Trails is the name of tours run by two tour guides Hoang and Long who has over ten years each for travel passion all around Vietnam. We do a lot of classic tours, biking and other specific travel tunes.

Mekong Trails created

We have several reasons for inviting you enjoying our city on foot. Saigon is a two-fold character who shows you the great skyscrapers reflecting the image of the top commercial city of Vietnam, and shows you the slum dog living area 200m away from there. A trip on foot is an opportunity to see Saigon at its two facets. The historical sites full of stories and facts, describing a dynamic city with fierce history leading to the Vietnam today. The trip on a bus might be only a too short glimpse to bring a true perception. The colonial history, the participation of Chinese-origined Vietnamese have left Saigon the beautiful houses with special windows and decorations. Have a slow walking along those, and see the beauty of Saigon in architectural features. Saigon is cosmos for all Vietnamese who thinks they can change their life, a kind of promised land, making the city more crowded daily. Walking that city will give you chance to emerge yourself into millions of motorbikes, countless business lives among that stream. You can feel this with a seat on a bus. The Saigonese has utilized the pavements as well as the front of the houses  as place only for business, making pavement a colorful mosaic of socialization. That is the picture of daily life which tourists find it unique and excited. And the walking tour at Mekong Trails is to have a true approach to this daily lifestyle, full of authentic look of a busy Vietnam. Slow pace bring you to less tourist visiting sites, but more to a real Vietnam. Visit less is to see more. Capture the faces, the children, the local business lives, the true Vietnamese lifestyle, and feel the soul of the city.
15.0+ USD