Scooter Saigon Tour


Scooter Saigon Tour is a private motorbike tour in Ho Chi Minh city on which beautiful and talented guides will take you around to see, touch and smell many strange things and enjoy exotic street foods.

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Vietnam are among the country’s most adventurous eaters. They are not afraid to eat insects, bugs, reptiles and arachnids. All animal parts to be thrown out, in Vietnam they all go into the cooking pot: legs, guts or blood. Want to try them yourself, you would be surprised at amazingly how delicious it is? Why not experience the seismic foreign-ness of the Vietnamese food fear factor palette by joining the Saigon food tour Taste of the Fear! It is worth to choose.  When to Go This food tour is available only in the evening when most of places we will go are opened for serving (from 3:00pm). I recommend to start at 5:00pm so that you can have a nice view of Saigon when the sun has not yet gone down. The tour will end at 10:00pm. The time to start is flexible for your choice because my tour is private, so that you can choose to start earlier or later than 5:00pm. What to Do I will pick you up at your hotel. You will discover a full view of the city is on the Scooter while being driven through streets and alleys in Saigon. I will stop at some places to order and try foods fear factor: bugs, reptiles, fertilized eggs and guts. There you will also drink snake wine and see real snakes before they are being cooked. Tour ends after the guide takes you back to your hotel. I are not guaranteed the menu is always exact as above for some facts. But we will do our best to arrange your tour as well as we can. If you have any request or need more information about the menu, please do not hesitate to contact me. What to Know If you have any request or need more information about the tour (guide, time, food, pick up…) please do not hesitate to send us an email. We will do our best toexplain anything for you. Our guide of this Saigon street food tour are looking forward to meeting you and having good time together in our. You could not arrange the time to enjoy our tour in the evening. Nothing is impossible, just email us and well arrange you a custom tour to try foods fear factor.
55.0+ USD