Avin Wahyu Lee


Halo!, greetings from Jakarta. Im Avin Lee,18, i was born and raised in Jakarta from a mixed culture family. I lived in the most central and downtown to this city, near trough the locals and some exciting places. i love to travel, share and learn about how cultures life beyond of mine also some art, music and adventurous culinary hunting. I used to enjoy my free time to travel and walk around to my city. i been traveled to some other countries and see how they take advantage of their tourism spots and thats what i aim to but with some local vibes and more adventurous, cheap, and great interactions with the people. i will bring you to the another atmosphere by traveling trough local activity and urbans life. so do not hesitate to travel and have some unforgetable experience of Jakarta with me. waiting for a good news from you! Terimakasih :)

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