Pramita Aurini


Hi, my name is Mita. I'm 31yo. I was born and raised in Jakarta-Indonesia. Traveling is in my blood. My desire is to travel around the world. I mostly travel solo. I've been to 6 countries so far. Singapore was my first on 2009, then Malaysia on 2010, Thailand on 2011 and last my first big trip was traveled for 3weeks to 3countries: Vietnam, Cambodia and back to Thailand on 2012. And also i ever been to Saudi Arabia for omra last April 2013. I have many friends from worldwide, and i usually take them around the city if I have free time. And now I'm so happy I finally found this website. Cos i can get paid now. I really need extra money for my next trip. I wanna travel to Brazil and Latin America!! My hobby is swimming. I usually swim once a week at the sports club near my house. I love to hang out with friends, watching movies or just sit in a coffee corner read books. I loves going to spa and massage shop also to get some relax after traveling.

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