Ece Denizli


I'd like to be a guide as much as I can, because I'm interested in both history and cultural exchange. Also I graduated from sociology and it helped me to improve myself in terms of understanding cultures and people. That's why I'm looking for a job that would enable me to meet new people from different countries and save money for my further education. During my undergradute education I lived with two foreigners for 2 years and it altered my life. I experienced that cultural interaction enlarges people's perspective and I'm open for more.I'd like to offer touristic tours, but my projects both include touristic experiences and experiences of native people in Turkey. I showed around many erasmus students in Istanbul and they were satisfied with my guidance. In addition, I also add highly delicious tastes which are always consumed by the very people who live here. My aim is to have an exchange of ideas people from different cultures, and I am volunteer to introduce my hometown.

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